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Sarah - September 15

Ok i am going to make a long story short. We have been trying to get pg for about a year know, thise summer i was diagnosed with PCOS and my husband has low motilty. Well they were in the processes of treating me for the pcos they found a nodule on my thyroid that they did a biopsy on and deterimiend that it was not cancer, but because it is larger then they like they want to remove it to be 100% positive. During all of this they put me on metformine and birth controll because they didn't want me pg if i had cancer. I took the bc for the first month but because the insurance isn't covering it i couln't afford it the week i was suppose to start it so i didn't get the pills right away. Well thise past week i realized that i might have ovulated because i had thick egg white mucues(sp) so my hubby and i decied to go for it against what the docs advise. Do you think i made the right decision? I havn't ovulated by myself in months i just got so excited that i really didn't think much about the surgry and risks. I just need some advise, see if did the right thing. any help is welcomed.


KK - September 15

You should follow the drs advice. What about the other drug you were taking? Could that cause birth defects. And how will you afford a baby if you could not afford a month of bc? Babies cost a lot more!!!!


j - September 15

Okay I think that you should have listen to your Dr. I also have PCOS and am dying to becom pregnant but must wait till all the test determin it's okay. I realize though that some time in moment of excitment we dont alway as human being do the right thing. However if it is later detremined that it is in fact cancer you will be faced with either having it removed and risk losing your baby or leave it alone and risk losing your life and not being able to rase your child. If for some reason this time you dont fall pregnant I would be carefull next time. Go through with the surgery and then after your healthy enough try for a baby.


Cendy - September 15

Hey Sarah, I can understand what you are going through. I had an enlarged thyroid due to Graves disease. So my thyroid levels were through the roof and they wanted to put on meds to kill the thyroid, but I did not let them because those drugs make you infertile. Do not let them put you on radioactice iodine treatment. I was taking about 12 or so pills a day to keep my heart from pumping out of my chest and try to control the thyroid levels, but it was not working for me. I had two little boys and really was not thinking of getting pregnant at the time. So I opted to have it removed. I have heard your thryoid gland is sometimes referred to as your third ovary. It is so significant in producing the hormones you need to conceive. It has been two years, and now my levels are finally at a place where we can try to have another baby. It has been 1 yr ttc though. I am hoping this is our month. I am glad I removed the thyroid, but I have to tell you the surgery and recovery are not easy. My 2-3 hour surgery turned into 6-8 because the nodule was so large. You have really got to talk to your doctor to see what your options are and go by what they tell you. With an enlarged thyroid you stand the risk of passing that on to the baby. Their thyroid can actually start to grow in utero and you have trouble delivering it because of its inlarged throat. There are so many things to think about before getting pregnant when you have this kind of medical issues. I cannot say whether you did the right thing or not. If you are pregnant, hopefully the baby was unaffected and they can control the thyroid with meds. Keep us posted on your progress and good luck to you.


Lena - September 15

Seems irresponsible to me.


me - September 15

Your dr tells you things for a reason, whether you agree with him or not. I would have waited until I was free and clear and got the ok.



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