what position is best to bd?
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tb - October 14

i start testing for ovulation 13,14, and bd everyday haven't got a postive yet but dh like doggy style is that okay?or Is missionary better?anybody know....one more thing i tested this morning with clearblue ovulation test and it showed nothing...i went to work and came back and it had to lines can i go by that?...even though it wasn't a (+)..i know pg test you can't check it later but i never heard anything about ovulation test...tb


T - October 14

I think the "stuff" stays in better when you do doggy style and wait a minute or two before withdrawal. But guy on top works too. Don't use morning pee for opk's. And depending on your cycle length, you may need to test earlier. Do you have regular cylcles?


tb - October 14

i took bc pills in Aug to regulate and started Femara in Sept this is my 2nd cycle of Femara but my Dr said to use morning urine.....i have pcos and my cycle are pretty much regular now after seeing the fertiltiy specialist..that is....


TT - October 15

oh oh..I love doggy style position..It's so gooood....Definitely gotta try this one for this cycle..yummy!


T - October 15

Tb- Read the directions on the opk package. The ones I have used said don't use morning.


tb - October 16

T..i know ..that's why i don't know why they wanted me to test in the morning...maybe it is because i am taking Femara? anybody else taking Femara test in the morning? another question i tested (+) on the 14 and fell alsleep ;( but i did the bd 9,10,12,13,15,so am i okay are did i f up.....



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