what is implantation bleeding?
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Sandy - September 20

i got my period Sept 1 and started Femara on the 5 ovulated on the 14 and now when i use the bathroom i have this brownesh light blood...is that what this is and what does it mean?


tignc - September 20

Honestly, it could mean a number of things. have you contact ur doctor? Sometimes they say it is old blood ur body is trying to remove, sometimes after u have sex and r preg u may have this. lastly, it could be a sign of a miscarriage. i would encourage u to contact ur doctor and let them make the decision on what to do.


Sandy - September 21

i talk to the nurse and she said since my periods are real irregular that i need to call them back on Friday to see if this is a real period...but now it has stop....who knows...ty anyway



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