what happens at these fertility clinics
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Hi x - January 22

Im going to see specialist what tests do they do and how often do they see you. x


tryin4baby - January 22

I have been going to one since November. This is what they had me do. The first visit they sat and discussed the history of me and my husband. They did and internal exam, a pap would have been done but I had just had one, and blood work. Prior to my next period, my husband had to have a seman analysis done. Then on CD 3 I had to go in for blood work (day 3 hormones). Between CD 7 - 12 I had to have an ultrasound done and an HSG (x-ray of the uterus with an injectable dye). There is a slightly higher risk of pregnancy after that. Then since pregnancy didn't occur on CD 3 I had to have blood work and an ultrasound again. I started my first 5 day cycle of clomid. On day 5 (which is today for me) I had blood work. The nurse will call me later this afternoon to tell me if my blood work is ok. If it is then they will schedule another appt. for an ultrasound which I believe should be on Monday. Now I will be going in frequently. Every couple of days and possibly every day to have blood work and an ultrasound done. They need to monitor you very closely while on Clomid and maybe other fertility drugs. Then as long as everything goes well this week sometime I will be giving myself the HCG shot that goes with Clomid and then 36-38 hours later I will have an IUI. Hopefully everything will go well for the both of us. I didn't think that I would need to go in that often. My cousin happens to work there so she fills me in on things prior to the nurses call or my next visit. They never actually told me the sperm analysis was fine. My cousin processed the sample and emailed me right away to tell me. I was given the choice of Clomid or go straight to the injectables. I chose Clomid even though there isn't as high of a success rate (at least that is what the dr. told me) as the injectables. I am afraid of multiple births. If they see to many follicles, they will cancel my cycle. Clomid doesn't work for everyone and it depends on what diagnosis you get. I had unexplained infertility. My cousin is also on the injectables again. Clomid did nothing for her but she also has PCOS so that could be the reason. I am not sure. Also, if you didn't do it already, check to see if your insurance covers any part of it. My insurance covers it all and I can have up to 4 IVF in my lifetime. I was unaware of insurance every covering this stuff until my cousin told me. If it wasn't for the insurance, I would not have been there. There is no way I can afford it at least not right now. When is your appointment? Good luck and let me know how you make out.


hi - January 24

Thank u so much for all this information im scared of needles so wish me luck im not worried about mutiple birth anymore i figured 2 is better than none haha x I hope the clomid works and im still waitin 4 my appointment x


tryin4baby - January 24

I thought I had to go back today but I have to go tomorrow. I need to get an ultrasound done again and blood work. Then probably close to everyday after that. I'll keep you updated on what is happening with me. If you want, you can email me directly at [email protected]. Good luck and let me know how you make out.


hi - January 24

Will def keep in contact fingers crossed 4 u! The doc said he will get the specialist to make appointment soon i will prob be waiting months xx


tryin4baby - January 25

well i am starting to ovulate early. i go in for my insemination tomorrow morning. hope all goes well with it. it would be nice to have it done only once. i went for my ultrasound today and they saw 2 decent size follicles and i small one. i have to give myself the injection tonight, bd with dh tonight and bring in a speciman tomorrow for the insemination. i don't know i fyou will have to wait months for an appt. they got me in right away. hope you can too.



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