What happens after Femara doesn't work..
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Bre'a - October 27

This was my 2nd cycle of Femara....and i was just wondering does anyone know what's next? i was taking 2.5 will they up it are start me on clomid?


Christy - October 27

Bre'a, when you say it didn't work ..do you mean you did not produce any follicles? If not they may move onto injectables. If you are producing follicles and just haven't gotten preg yet they may wait it out a few more cycles. I just started my 5th month of Femara, it works, i just haven't gotten preg yet. If i don't get preg this cycle they are moving me to injectables. I currently take 5mg of Femara a day from days 3-7. My dr prefers Femara over clomid, he says it has less side effects and tends to work better. Hope this helps. Best of luck to you..


Bre'a - October 27

i don't really understand the RE i am seeing everyone told me he is the best but it's like this...i went to see him me and my dh...he told me i had pcos and started me on bc for one month..... then i had to call when af came and they called in Femara 2.5 to start on day 4 ....did ovulate but didn't get pregnant...next cycle told to call when af comes again okay called the RE they called in Femara 2.5 start in 4 days i did.....ovulated this cycle af not here yet but it anyday i can tell....so my question is whats next.... i here others speaking about injectables but i have only seen my RE one time and he said 3 months you should be pregnant.....so do you think maybe he will want to see me this month and start something else are maybe up my dose? i Have been ttc for 4 years and finally sent to a RE to tell me i had pcos.....i just so ready to get pregnant i see bellies everywhere i turn...lol....thanks for answering back you gave me a chance to vent....


dee - October 31

bre'a thats exactly what my doc told me. Clomid for three months and you will be pregnant. 5th cycle into it and still nothing. He doesnt even know that i exist. I call the secretary for blood test referrals get them by mail and call back for result. I have seen him twice in the last 6 months. I have made an appointment with another doctor but its not till the 12/5. Getting a HSG to check if my tubes are tied in two days.Hopefully it can shed some light as to why i am not falling pregnant.



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