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**curious** - November 23

i have a question and it might be stupid..but here i go. ive been with my boyfriend for eight months now, and we have unprotected sex. he already has two daughters so i know it isnt him. we have sex frequantly.(unprotected). well this last month, i have had a few signs of being pregancy, using the bathroom atleast 10-12 or more times a day, (which is not ususal for me)., i also feel sleepy all the time, even if i get a full nights rest the night before. dizziness, brest TENDER..but i took a pregancy test about two months ago, and it was neg,..also my stomach is swollen, and really hard? also my period have been really unregular! if you have any help or answers for me it would be greatly appreciated!! thanks!!


to: curious - November 23

well i dont want to be negative, but are you sure this is what you want?? dont you think you should wait a little longer before trying to have a baby with a man you've only known 8 months?? a child is a life time commitment and so is being involved with the child's father, and 8 months is just a very small part of at least 18 years. i understand you might feel like this man is "the one", and if he is dont you think it would be better that you bring a child into a solid home?? i think maybe you guys should be more concerned about whether you want to spend the rest of your lives together, than on just trying to have a baby right now. if you are pregnant, i hope everything works out best for the child. if you're not pregnant, then please reconsider trying to have a baby right now...i came from a broken home and it's not fun to grow up watching your parents get into fights (and i mean bad ones) and then to have a parent just stop coming around b/c they dont want to deal with it anymore. i didn't see my father from the time i was 11 yrs old until i was 20, and we're just barely building a more solid relationship (i'm 23 now). my parents dated for 4 yrs before they had me (they never got married) and it still didn't work out, so all i'm asking is please think about the child and not yourselves. i'm not saying that you will fight or break up, i'm just giving you an example of what happened to me and that it might happen to you. so best of luck to you and your child (if you are prego).


**curious** - November 26

well thanks for the comment..i appreciate it!! i understand completely where u are coming from. but this guy ive been with weve known all our life, our family was friends when we were younger, what i meant to say was weve been dating for eight months..and i know what u are talking about when u say coming from an abusive home, because i myself came from one. my father was a big time drinker, and my mother was a gambler. and i was the baby, so i seen and heard all the abuse and all the yelling and cursing all my life. as of me i am a full time college student, majoring in criminal justice, and i work a full time job on the side. i have my own house and own car. so i dont consider myself to be in a bad boat...i thank you for your comments tho,,its helps to get some comments every once in a while!!! thanks and i wish you the best of luck!!!


Lori - December 4

Wow whoever gave you the first answer was very rude.Some people think they have to be ruse.Anyways for my answer i dont know i am going through the same thing!


**curious** - December 8

Lori, yeah i do have to agree with you, some people on here have to many rude things to say.. I am glad that I am not the only one going through this situation, and not the only one that knows that someone of these people on are a little too rude..I wish you the best of luck, and if you dont mind Id like for you to keep me informed!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!


D - December 8

the first person who commented was a little rude because they dont know your situation, but they do have a point somewhat...having children isn't something to rush into. but you and your boyfriend will know what's best for yourselves and the child in the end...good luck to you.


**curious** - December 8

D,,,hey you are right about knowing my situation, but i am a full time college student, majoring in criminal justice, work a full time job, have my own house and my own car!! i think that i am doing pretty good myself..but hey thanks for the comment and the imput!!!



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