Vitamins for Endometriosis?
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K - August 18

I suffer from endometriosis & am currently TTC. I have really heavy & crampy periods and was wondering if anyone knows of any vitamins or natural remedies that I could take for my endo. but wont affect my TTC.


merlee - August 19

You might check out the book "The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis. It teaches you how to use Traditional Chinese Medicine to enhance fertility.


barb - August 20

I've practiced alternative and homeopathic cures for years to treat everything, with success. There are some herbal supplements available for you that are intended to help female reproductive organs. Most of these supplements are available in combinations so you are covering several problems at once. My sister learned about herbs a couple of years too late, and to her disappointment, the only option her Dr. could give her at 28yrs old, is a complete historectomy to cure the endometriosis. Way too many women I know are having these procedures done just as if they were going to the dentist, and then they can't have children. If you have a local healthfood store, there should be someone working there who can help you find a supplement to suit your needs. When trying to conceive, evening primrose oil can help with perfecting the cervical mucous, as well as helping with pms symptoms. Flax oil is a good female supplement, but wouldn't continue once pregnant. Some of the names to look for in a good combination female supplement would be black cohosh and red rasberry. There are some good ones out there. Hope this helps and good luck. If you have trouble finding a supplement, there are some good websites under, natural cures, homeopathic cures, alternative medicines, and I know that if you can find a Nature's Sunshine distributor, they have a good one. You can order from NS online, but it may be hard to talk to someone, and you want to get what you need.


K - August 20

Thanks a bunch. I looked up and got some ideas.. The Evening Primrose Oil I notice is really helpful. I am definatly picking some up!



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