Undecended Testicles=Infertility
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Mlady - January 11

My husbadnd had a hernia sergery when he was six during the surgery the Dr accidetally sowed up the testicular cords(not sure of terminology) forcing the testicles inside the abdominal area. This was detacted sometime later and two years later was corrected. Drs said that fertility should not be effected, but from my research on line I do not see how that is possibe although I pray that it is. As far as I know, after a certain age(2?) testicles need to descend into the scrotom otherwise the sperm burns out from the high temerature inside the body. We are going to see a Uralogist in a few days but I am so anxiouse to find out if there are any problems that I was hoping someone might have any information. I would greatly appreciate it.



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