TTC Circle of Friends #3
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d - January 6

Hi ladies, I am 27 and here Here is my small story. dh and I have been ttc this is the 11th month i think. the last i counted was 8 and that was i think oct. I just got to upset about it and last count for a few months. IF we don't get pg this month i would like him to try boxers and a fertility montitor. I have only been using the opk's. i posted in another thread since i am on my 2ww to see more about opks. since after i o'd it is gradually getting darker again. wonder if i am going to o again or if that is a slight indicator. Hoping maybe we got it this month. i usually have a idea when i o because i get slight pains. a few months ago i was real late for af. got a faint bfp and then the next day 2 bfn/. went to see the dr after the bloodwork he said it was my cycle just trying to switch. (this was nov i went). ok it switched to 31 days for nov then bam dec i got it 28 days again. (if anyone has seem my posts in the past). I have been on a 28day cycle for 20 years. yes i know long time. since i was so young i keep thinking this might one day have something to do with it. So we haven't tried anything yet, i guess because i just am afraid to hear that we can't do it. but i am going to give it a few more months. although I know my mother is right when she says, stop thinking about it " but i can't, how can you not think about it, i tried explaining that to her. I also found out too that my fathers mother had her af when she was pg with both her kids. i hope in any form it is not heriditary. then again. i wouldn't care as long as I got pg.
so there is my story. SOrry if it was a bit too long. Nothing much except ttc, we know as per the past 2 drs i am fine. just got to start standing on my head after bd instead of laying with a pillow. LOL. Lots of Baby dust to all.


d - January 6

OH thats boxers for him and fertility montitor for me. I thought of getting that new over the counter stuff for him too.


CC - January 6

HI everyone...Cendy, I would take the antibiotics for the UTI without a doubt, If you are pregnant. I think you need to get that cleared up, they are really painful and can lead to other serious problems. Dea, I will test on Monday if no AF but today feel cramps and they do really feel like AF cramps. I hope she forgets about me this month.


Tina - January 7

Hello ladies...I wondered, what is AF? DH and I have just done our first IVF cycle,,,anyone else here going through fertility? baby dust to all!


dea - January 7

CC: I'm crossing fingers and toes for you this month. Welcome TINA: AF is "Aunt Flo" aka: menstration. Lots of acronyms on this website- feel free to ask about any others. IVF HUH?? How long have you and dh been ttc?? D: my period jumps up and down with the day too. Now- I just make sure we BD 10 day around when I think O will happen. ~DUST~


Tina - January 7

Dea - thanks! I knew it had to do with your period, but couldn't figure the AF part,,,lol. DH and I have been trying for 2+ yrs,,,we just resorted to fertility this past summer. I actually went to the drs for hormone bloodwork to see why I wasn't getting pregnant and then started all types of test, HSG to test your f.tubes for any blockages, hysteroscopy, ultrasound, Dh had a SA, etc...they found my ovulation is not always regular, but mainly the fale factor, my husband has low motility,,,so then we began the journey of fertility, it has been a rough road, emotionally and physically, but hoping this is it! I hope this last cycle works! Keeping fingers and toes crossed,,,how about you, how long have you been ttc, and what is your experience? TCFN (take care for now) :-)


Lashunda - January 8

Hello ladies, its me again. Just passing through and seeing how things are going. Cendy sorry about the UTI, hope it clears up and doesn't affect anything. CC, hopes up to you on your testing, Good luck! As for me, I started my 2nd trimester today and I'm excited. I can' t wait to start showing. Well ladies, that's all from me for now. Has anybody heard from Ericka? Well, take care now and BABYDUST++++


dea - January 8

Hi TINA: DH & I have been ttc for 19 months. It's hard to believe it has been that long...but then again- it seems like forever. As of right now the only prob. we are aware of are his sperm count/morphology/motility. But- hopefully a change in meds is taking care of that. This month is the first month that we are trying and feel hopeful (since finding out about the SA). We have tried IUI once but it didn't take. I think that I had already o-ed. I have clear tubes. I assume I am O-ing because I have had shifts with temping and +OPK. And, I am pretty regular (29-31 days) I should be o-ing close to Wed. so we have already been bding to try and cover all the possible times. We bought another OPK today but I hate "wasting" the money. But here's something interesting. I told DH not to get one and he was like "Thanks for taking an interest!" I couldn't believe it!! So I said "OK. Let's spend the $20 bucks..." Men are such strange creatures. I think he is much more excited this month because we feel the sperm should be back to normal. I guess we'll find out!! ~DUST~~


dea - January 8

LASHUNDA: Congrats on reaching your 2nd Trimester. Does it feel like you have been through 1/3 of your pg. already?? Are you going to find out the baby's sex??


sherry - January 8

hey girls, sorry for being mia, time has been very hard to come by, these past couple days, apparently, somehow, someway, i ovulated 2x's this month, but will continue to keep my negative attitude. heck it worked last time, lol. i have a few more days till testing, but iam sure i will try tomorrow, just cause i like to torture myself. how are the 2006 ttc-ers doing? i'll do personals tomorrow. iam feeling lazy as all heck, and finding it hard to focus on the pc screen, but i had to at least check in on my pals. i hope there is alot of good news this month! **baby dust to all***


d - January 8

So the witch (af) is due on the 17th. I think it is just a few days too early for me to test just yet right?? i am going nuts this month. I haven't really been into the 2ww because of the big let down in november. Baby Dust to all.


Lashunda - January 9

Hello ladies, its me again. Dea, I'll be 14 weeks when I have my next appt (18th) and I don't know when they check for sexes but we'll see. Well, just peeking in to see if there was any more news. TTYL!


Tina - January 9

Dea - When I had my first IUI, they found out I ovulated too early, so the next cycle they gave me a shot called ganarellix, which is an antagonist, and prevents you from o-ing early. I think I took it 3 days before I was due to o, then took another shot to mature the egg follicles I had, to prepare then for the IUI. Have you looked into fertility? I also feel the same way on the OPK too. My dh had a SA and found he had low motility and he tried switching to boxers, no hot tub/excessive heat, and also no bd for a week before I was ready to o, to get the count back up. We also tried pillows underneath me afterwards for 30 min. Good luck!


Cendy - January 9

Well, the serum pregnancy test was of course negative. How could it not be with +OPK on December 30 and the serum test on January the 6th. That is way too early even for a blood test right? Is there still hope that I will not start my AF on January 15th? I just don't know what to think. This is not my gynecologist, but my family practioner should now how the ovulation cycle goes right? I have a call into my OB just to see what her nurse says. This is the first month of TTC where I did not stress my DH by telling him come on lets go its baby making time. I just nudged him along and he felt more comfortable and not as stressed to perform. He is so hopeful that this helped us conceive this month. I hate to even tell him about the negative test. The did not even do quantitative test to see what my actual HCG level was. They just did the qualitative. I am so mad about that! I hate to sound this way on our thread, but I just have to vent to someone. Lashunda, I am so happy things are going well for you and baby. Sherry have you looked into OPKs as pregnancy tests. I have read where they can show positive again later on in your cycle if you are pregnant. Do you know for sure you Oed twice? What did you use to know? D have you looked into this as well since your OPKs began to get darker again? And it might be a little early to test if your AF is due on the 17th. Tina, two years is very long wait, but I am glad you have not given up. We are all rooting for you. Ericka and CC how are you both? Well, I will go for now. Thanks so much for letting me vent! I really needed that! BABY DUST!


dea - January 9

CENDY: Vent away- that's what we are here for!! TINA: DH and I are going throught he testing bit right now. As of today his sperm is the only factor we know about. My HSG came back norm. But- I haven't had any other testing done. Hopefully- it will be just the spermies and that will be fixed this or next month. D: I do think it is a bit early- but you never know!! SHERRY: Nice to see you-hope all is well.~~DUST~~


d - January 9

Hi Ladies,
Dea... I am waiting patietly to have to tinkle again. I got a very very dark opk line. so dark i took a pic. I know i o'd back on Dec 29 i got the very dark line and then i o'd I don't think i could be o'ing again. I have done some reading but until i get a bfp i will believe. I am still getting lightheaded and dizzy. I hope everyone is well. Baby Dust to all. I am just waiting to see if i can get a +++ on a Hpt. AF is due on the 17th.



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