TTC Circle of Friends #3
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Cendy - December 28

Hi all. This is thread #3 for all those lovely people TTC, who need a place to hang out and chat about anything and everything baby related. For those you made their way over from TTC Circle #2, glad you could make it to TTC Circle #3. For those newcomers, I want to personally welcome anyone who decides to join our thread and to let you know its okay to vent your frustrations, rejoice, cry, or be in whatever mood you feel like, just as long as you are nice about it. LOL. Well have a blessed day and BABY DUST to you all!


Cendy - December 28

Hello! Hope everyone is okay with the new thread. The other one was getting a little long and a lonely. I look forward to chatting with my old friends and hope we can make many new ones! BABY DUST and DIAPER DUTY wishes to you all!!!!!


sherry - December 29

hello all! happy to see a new thread! let's make it a lucky one :)


CC - December 29

Hi Cendy and all...Saw the new thread and thought I would pop in..Ericka, where are you ? Lashunda, hope you are baby are well. Im in the dreaded 2ww. I hope and pray 2006 will bring good things for all of us. Last cycle on Clomid, then off to RE. Good luck everyone!! (Cendy, this is our month!!)


sherry - December 30

good luck CC, i hope this time is a charm, and you won't need the RE! are you girl? where is everyone from the last thread? we need more baby dust here? iam 6 days post ovulation, and last night, and tonight, i have had the strangest bouts of nausea, at exactly the same time. it's weird. it happens before dinner time, and lasts for hours. i don't think it could possibly mean something this early on, so iam not thinking much of it, but it's annoying at the very least. ok when you are pregnant, not fun if you aren't, lol. welp, here it goes ****ooddles of well wishes, and tons of new year baby dust for us all. this new year is all of ours***** sherry


dea - December 30

Hi everyone- Thanks for the new thread CENDY!! New thread- new luck??? I am curious to see if DH's counts change. We are diving back in with a lot more energy and hopefulness this month. CC: when can you test?? Best of luck. SHERRY: I always like to think slight nausea is from baby growing. Hope that's the case for you! You can test in another week! ~~DUST to you all~~


Cendy - December 30

Hello! I believe I got a +OPK this morning. Me and DH have been BDing for the past 3 days like clockwork just in case. I saw EWCM yesterday, so I am trying not to discuss with my DH that is it time, because for some reason he feels pressured or something and it ruins it for him. I believe he knows, but he just doen't want me to talk about it. I just found out a girl here at work had a MC a week before Christmas. She is 35 I think and had been trying with fertility drugs for about a year now. She is so upset and seems to be on the verge of tears when you speak to her. I know that is such a hard thing to go through. Our first MC we were not even trying and I cannot imagine what it would be like now after a year and a half of trying to lose a baby. Well, I am on CD14 and almost positive I am Oing or about to. I have the classic signs of pain and need to BD. I hope this thread will bring more friends to our circle. We need all the support we can get. I hope everyone was okay with me starting a new one. I think this will be our lucky month! Hi CC, how are you? I hate the TWW! It is just plain torture if you asked me. I am much happier now that I am off the Clomid. I feel it really messed with my head there for a while. CC, I hope this is the last month you need Clomid and don't have to see the RE. Sherry, I am okay. I am hanging in there. The nausia is a good sign. All women are different. You never know you could be having very early pregnancy signs. I am praying you do. Dea, I am glad to hear you are full of energy this month! I just know your BD will have better numbers this month. Hello Ericka and Lashunda are you still with us? I hope you are both fine. Post so we know you are okay. Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you all the best of God's love and prosperity with the passing of 2005 to 2006!!! BABY BLESSINGs 2 U ALL!


CC - December 30

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. I feel like I need all I can get! Dea, I am only 4 dpo, and wont test unless I make it to Jan 8th or 9th. I am anxious this cycle! Cendy, glad you are taking a break from the Clomid, I think you need it. This is only my 3rd time on it, I cant imagine 6-7 months.. Maybe the break is just what you need. Good luck to everyone..New year brings new hope and promise! (Ericka, where are you?)


Lashunda - December 31

Hi ladies, just stopping by to see if there was any good news. Well, as for me, I'm still going. This Sunday I will make my 12 weeks YEAH!! I still have the freaking sickness and its driving me crazy! Anywayz, thanks for thinking of me for I am thinking of you all. Take care and Happy New Year's!! BABYDUST++++++


dea - December 31

LASHUNDA- congrats at 12 weeks! How exciting... CENDY- I'm glad you started a new thread...I was about to do the same! Good luck witht he BDing this month. CC- I hope the TTW goes by quickly for you. It's my least fav part of this whole fertility gig! Later girlies!


dea - January 1



Hopeful - January 2

Hi everyone, my hubby and I lost our baby girl at 28 wks in November. I'm 33 and so we are going to try again this month. Wish us luck! Took us18 mths to conceive last time! Though we only tried properly with opk's in the last 6 mths. Sending goodluck to you all xx


dea - January 2

HOPEFUL: Welcome to our thread! I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I can't imagine the pain. I'm 32 and DH and I have been trying for 18 mos. Did the dr. know what happened??? Best of luck to you this month. ~~DUST~~


Cendy - January 2

Hi all! I hope everyone had a happy new year! New Years eve was my 10th wedding anniversary. I hope that gave us good luck since I was Oing this weekend. Hopefull, I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot even imagine the pain you must have gone through and still are. I wish you the best of luck this time. I too wanted to know if your doctor had an explanation as to what went wrong. If you don't mind sharing I would really like to know. Lashunda, congrats on the 12 week mark! I am so excited for you. When will they do an ultra sound to find out the sex? Are you still having to take the shots every day? Well, I have to go now...the dirty clothes are calling. DIAPER DUTY AND LOADS OF BABY LAUNDRY WISHES TO U ALL!!!


Lashunda - January 2

Hello ladies, Dea, thanks for the comment. I'm really excited that I will be starting the 2nd trimester. Hopeful, so sorry for your loss and it sounds like you're not giving up hope so stay hopeful : ). Hi Cendy, yeah I'm still taking shots. My next appt is the 18 but I would probably be almost 15 weeks so it'll still be too early to tell. Well, hope everybody's doing good and good luck!! BABYDUST!!


for Hopeful - January 2

Hi..just thought I'd drop in on your post here ladies..hope that's okay! Hopeful, I too have been ttc for a long time (over a year and a half) and I'm around your age. I've never had a bfp and we're still trying every month. Can I ask what you did to get pg after trying for so long? Were you on fert. drugs or anything? I'm not on anything, nor have I had a lap or hsg, but that may change soon. Sorry to hear about your mc - much baby dust to you as you try again! M.


dea - January 3

Hi M: I read your post and would definately recommend testing. I am in the same situation and know the frustration. At least DH and I can move forward now that we know we have sperm issues. It was "scary" getting tested because you want everything to be OK. But- now that we know what's going on (believe it or not) we were relieved to know that we were doing things right. It was the sperm that weren't cooperating! Loads of Baby Dust to you all.....



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