TTC Circle of Friends #3
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dea - January 3

Hi M: I read your post and would definately recommend testing. I am in the same situation and know the frustration. At least DH and I can move forward now that we know we have sperm issues. It was "scary" getting tested because you want everything to be OK. But- now that we know what's going on (believe it or not) we were relieved to know that we were doing things right. It was the sperm that weren't cooperating! Loads of Baby Dust to you all.....


dea - January 3

LASHUDA: Are you going to find out the sex of the baby?? Do you have a "preference" (besides healthy!!)??


dea - January 3

bumping us up!


tanya - January 3

hi ladies, my hubby and i have been TTC for seven months now and cant seem to get pregnant. we have one child already so we now that we are capable of having children. i have been researching the internet for some options and have heard about a pill called precare conceive tabs. has anybody tried these and had any luck?? the wating and the negative results every month are taking thier toll on my mind and i cant keep this up any longer i am just ready to give it up! does anybody know of anything that can help us???


Cendy - January 3

Hi all! Tanya, I have never heard of those pills you mentioned, so I cannot say if they work or not. I am glad you decided to join our thread. BABY DUST!


Hopeful - January 4

Thanks for your kind thoughts. DEA - We lost our little girl to an infection in the womb. No reason for it, ok till then, then gone. The only good thing to take from it (apart from meeting our little angel of course, she lived 7 hours and was adorable) was that it was so random its unlikely to happen again. Our dr is positive about the future for us thankfully. Doesn't look like I've ov this month so far though it was due this this wk. Odd! Thanks for the good luck, same to you too. CENDY - The only things we did differently was to actually pay attention to the opk, and bd on the day. The month we conceived, we bd last thing at night and I was tired and went straight to sleep without going to the bathroom? Also, I was pretty certain it wouldn't happen cos we had an appointment for the fertility dr the following month, so maybe I just relaxed a bit? Have you thought about going to get some help? Good luck anyway and to everyone on this site. xxx


dea - January 4

Welcome TANYA: How long did your first child take to conceive?? Keep your spirits up-- you never know!! HOPEFUL: I'm glad to hear it was a fluke-- That is some reassurance for the future- it sounds like you dr. is very understanding. CENDY: What's going on?? Anything new?? I'm getting ready to o in the next week. BDing Commence!! Back on the roller coaster I go. More excited this month though!! ~~Sticky Baby Dust~~


dea - January 5

hi girls- just bumping us up!


Cendy - January 5

Hi all! I think I have a UTI and it sucks. I am going to the dr today. I am guess they will put me on antibiotics. Do you think that will affect our chances of conception? I got a +OPK on December 30 and I think we BDed enough, but I wanted you all's oppinion. We had been BDing a few days before and a few days afterward. Is that enough? I just feel like we may be missing it for now BDing enough. When do you think I Oed if the +OPK was on the 30th? That really confuses me. It would help if I could chart better. Hopefull, I am glad your loss is not one that will likely happen again. Dea, I am okay I guess. You can see from above I am still hanging in there. Well, I guess I will go for now. BABY DUST OUT!


CC - January 6

Hi girls..Cendy, was just thinking about you this afternoon and thought I would check in..Sorry to hear about your UTI. I dont really know how the OPK's work since I dont use them, but I would think if you bd'd during and after, you should have your bases covered. Hope everyone else is doing well and hanging in there. Im on cd 26 and waiting..Hopefully I dont see AF in the days to come!


Cendy - January 6

Hello everyone! Nice to see you stopped by CC. How are you feeling? How many days till AF does not come? I went to the doctor and of course I have a UTI. Plus, I have two ear infections as well. I just cannot win for losing. This is the first time I saw this doctor, so I had to tell him what seemed my whole life story of how we have been TTC for over a year now and this might be our month and how I did not want to take anything that might hurt the baby. He told me that if the OPK was + on the 30th, and we were indeed pregnant a blood test would be able to tell only 6 dpo. I looked at him like he was crazy. What do you all think? I guess I need to read up on it. I am feeling pretty tired and a couple of days ago I did get dizzy, but that is probably due to the ear infections. I am really tired and my boobs are very very tender. My DH told me not to read much into tomorrows results, but do I get the script filled and chance it that I am not or hold off. I can't live with an UTI. It could cause even more problems untreated. Oh, I am so freakin confused! Oh, a girl at work had her 2nd baby boy today. He is two weeks early and she told the office that she pushed for only 10 minutes and he was born. She also said this delivery was even easier than the first. I wish I could have vaginal births, but it is just not in the cards for me. 2 c-sections and counting. I guess I have babbled enough. Hopefull, Tanya, Lashunda, Ericka, and Sherry how are things going? I hope all is well with you all. BABY DUST OUT!


d - January 6

HI ladies, I was wondering if i could join in on your thread? Baby Dust to all


Cendy - January 6

Hello all! D of course you can join our thread. So what is your TTC story? I look forward to chatting and getting to know you! BABY DUST!


Cendy - January 6

Okay, I have read that a serum HCG can detect pregnancy 10 days after conception so how on earth does my doctor think at 7 dpo that we could get a positive result? I am so flusterated! Do any of you have an ideas on the subject?


dea - January 6

Good Morning Ladies! CENDY: I'm lost on what the dr. is saying too. But- I agree that bding when you did means you have covered your window... D: welcome to our thread...nice to have someone join. One more person to bounce ideas/frustration off of. How long have you been TTC??? CC: Hey stranger. You are close to testing right? Any signs/symptoms? ~~DUST~~


d - January 6

Hi ladies, I am 27 and here Here is my small story. dh and I have been ttc this is the 11th month i think. the last i counted was 8 and that was i think oct. I just got to upset about it and last count for a few months. IF we don't get pg this month i would like him to try boxers and a fertility montitor. I have only been using the opk's. i posted in another thread since i am on my 2ww to see more about opks. since after i o'd it is gradually getting darker again. wonder if i am going to o again or if that is a slight indicator. Hoping maybe we got it this month. i usually have a idea when i o because i get slight pains. a few months ago i was real late for af. got a faint bfp and then the next day 2 bfn/. went to see the dr after the bloodwork he said it was my cycle just trying to switch. (this was nov i went). ok it switched to 31 days for nov then bam dec i got it 28 days again. (if anyone has seem my posts in the past). I have been on a 28day cycle for 20 years. yes i know long time. since i was so young i keep thinking this might one day have something to do with it. So we haven't tried anything yet, i guess because i just am afraid to hear that we can't do it. but i am going to give it a few more months. although I know my mother is right when she says, stop thinking about it " but i can't, how can you not think about it, i tried explaining that to her. I also found out too that my fathers mother had her af when she was pg with both her kids. i hope in any form it is not heriditary. then again. i wouldn't care as long as I got pg.
so there is my story. SOrry if it was a bit too long. Nothing much except ttc, we know as per the past 2 drs i am fine. just got to start standing on my head after bd instead of laying with a pillow. LOL. Lots of Baby dust to all.



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