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lou 77 - December 12

I have read the threads religously. i have been ttc 2mths off bcp 4mths my af returned 33days after stopping the bcp , my cycles has varied every month since . Last month i temp'd, charted and used opk's but my af turned up today 5mins after taking a hpt negative 32 day cycle. didn't really have any symptoms apart from ones that could be pms so didn't really think i would get a bfp but has been a big dissapointment all the same! This month i am trying pre seed and opk's again as well as temping, charting & checking cm i've also started drinking green tea & have booked an appointment for accupuncture to try and help nature on its way !! iS there anything else i can try? i'm in the UK. i know this is not long ttc i just want to do anything i can. what about Vitex? Thanks in advance any help would be appreciated babydust to everyione still awaiitng or not af xx


MuzikGurl - December 12

lou 77, I don't know about Vitex but I do know that sometimes a little too much of a good thing is not always wonderful. Since you are coming off bcp I think it usually takes about 4-6 months until you're cycle can completely go back to normal. If after 6 months and your cycle is still erractic or you are starting to skip periods and no pos. pg test then I would go to your ob/gyn and tell them what's going on then they can check and see if your pelvic exam comes normal and blood levels are normal and so forth..good luck and baby dust to you!



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