Trying to get pregnant and have question
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ksee - July 5

Okay well, I have been off the the pill for a year now. My periods were somewhat regular to my surprise. Lately however, my last period before the one I just had, I noticed lasted a lot shorter! Then the one I just finished, I only had it for one day. Now thats really unusual since I go for about 5 days. Now I say one day, it was one day heavy and the rest of the time, it was barely there! Not enough to even consider wearing anything. Gross.... sorry. My husband and I have been trying for one year now. I desperatly want a child. I am 27 and neither of us have any kids. It this a good sign??? I am hesitant to take a test because I don't want the disapointment. Any advise?


JerseyGirl - July 6

I don't have any advise, but do have the same situation if that makes you feel any beter! Before going on the pill about 10 years ago, my periods were very regular. And when I went off in September '05, they were again (maybe off by a day or two). All was fine until this cycle. When I expected my period on 7/2, all I had was a touch of spotting. Same thing with 7/3 & 7/4! I took a pregnancy test on the 4th, but no deal. I had a heavy day yesterday the 5th, but not much again. I usually go for 7 days, but not this time. I really thought this time was it! All I can tell you, is that if you've been trying for a year, see your doctor. They always say that 1 year is the point at which they will start any sort of testing. Good luck!


Terrie - August 3

Hi ksee! I had the same thing as you have (short periods - barely there) and I always thought I was pg, but to my disappointment every month I'd get a BFN!! My dh and I were trying for 2 years. I finally got an HSG in January and I am now 7 months pregnant. Talk to your doctor. good luck to you.


lovemy3 - August 3

Hi there, I am experiencing the same thing as you have described. really only one day of normal bleeding. I am waiting to go in and get my FSH levels checked. I have 3 kids and am ttc #4. My cycles were always more normal with heavier periods when I concieved them so this has me worried. I am also 37 and suspect menopause setting in. What have your drs said about the light and short periods?



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