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Sheena - April 7

hii cutieeeeeee
hugssssssssssssss i am so happy for u... i know sweetheart tht we need to b patient. well the news on my front is.. I GOT MY PERIOD.. yuppiee i am so glad tht it finally came.. means all is not wrong in my lil world. I got an appointment with my doc for 15th.. will come to know more then.. in the mean time hang in there.. i am here for u whenever u need u have any email id.. yahoo or msn where we can chat.. or atleast b in touch,,
gimme urs.. i'll add u to my messenger.And i know u'll have tht baby soon. i can just feel it.. atleast u got one good news.. and u are still so young sweetheart.. sometimes we just go thru a very bad patch.. thank God for supporting hubbies...
Love u loads.. i'll try n check in atleast once a day to see if u have left any posts..
Much Love


Cutie - April 7

Hi Sheena, I am so excited you are back. I just wanted to talk to someone. Yes, I do have an e-mail it is [email protected], do you have one? I am happy that you got your period !!! I am sure you will get pregnant soon. I will pray for you. I know that God will give us those little miracles that will change our lives. I just have faith... Yes, my husband has been so supportive and he wants a baby as well. I know he worries about me, but doesnt show it, as I do.... thats the way we are -woman ! Men tend to keep it all inside :) Sometimes I catch my self on dreaming how my cute little son will look---of course like his father!!!! Its strange I know, but when you want a baby everything changes around you isnt it? My mom had a dream that I delivered a healthy baby boy. I know it will happen for us, in Gods timing, but sometimes its so tuff to do the waiting. Thanks for being there for me. BABY DUST YOUR WAY keep me posted :) Cutie


Sheena - April 8

hii cutie,
i am so glad to hear from u...i will add u to my yahoo messenger.and we can b on regular touch.. but if u wanna chat here thts also fine with me.
And Amen to your mom's dream.. may it come true soooooooooooon. Cant wait to get pregnant and hold my lil one...Af stopped.. was normal.. love


Cutie - April 9

Hi Sheena, do you have an e-mail? Yes, I dont mind writing here either, whatever is more comfortable for you. I am glad you had a normal AF... How long is it ussually? Mine is like 7-8 days... Soooo long.... Anyway, I hope that the BC will regulate it, and then if I am not going to ovulate, by DOC said she would put me on clomid to help me ovulate. R u using ovulation kit? You know the one, where it can help you determine when you ovulate?! I have never used it and dont know if that would help. :) I will talk to you later Sheena, lots of baby dust your way,!!!!


Sheena - April 9

Hi Cutie..
Well for my normal Af is 3-4 days with spotting on day 5-6. this time i am spotting till day 8/9... but i am glad.. coz all the pain is gone and i am feeling so much better.I am not using the ovulation kit.. infact this month i have decided to b natural.. n go by instinct... will think of OPK next month.. this month.. just having fun ;)
Ohh..By the way, I sent u a mail from my yahoo id.. just so u can reach me if n when i am not online here..
take care.. have a nice weekend..and b healthy...lotsa love, hugs n baby dust to u!!!!!!!!!!!


Cutie - April 11

Hi Sheena, I had a great weekend. Havent been here and missed it :) I think its a really good idea to take it natural, much less frustration :) Take it easy sweety, I know you will get preggo soon. Thank you for your e-mail, I will check it soon. :) Keep in touch, LOTS of love, Cutie


Cutie - April 14

Hello Sheena!
Haven't been here because I was very busy. I hope you are doing well. I am feeling all right, sometimes get little pain, but not as bad. I already have an appt. scheduled to see the RE (rep. endo) on APRIL 26th.... I am soooo excitted because they told me that I would have to wait until the end of May or even July.... I am sooooo glad, maybe that will be able to take care of my problems and I can start TTC and actualy concieve soon.... :) How do you feel? Whats New? I will be out of town untill Monday, so I will talk to you thereafter. :)



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