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Sheena - March 20

hi cutie, sheena here.. hey.. i know wot u are talking abt.. my periods went missing after august... well kinda.. they became very irregular.. like no fixed date n then very light or very heavy bleeding. anyway.. i had my last regular period in dec and then nuthing...till feb.. when i had (almost the whole of feb) brown discharge.. but not enuff to fill a pad.. but always there when i wiped.once i had slight ..very lite bleeding.. and then after 2 days it stopped. i have had blood routines.. n hpts, all negative.and also ultrasound.. also transvaginal.. but nuthing turned up... the report said Normal.but i have been TTC for last 7-8 months.. so my doc asked me to go in for hysterosonogram..keep me posted Gal.. n dont lose hope..
my wishes n prayers are with u.. lotsa love n tonns of baby dust
keep in touch


bump - March 23



Cutie - March 24

Hi Sheena, thank you so much for writing. You know, I have been depressed lately and kind of loosing hope. I cry often and I know its not going to get me better. Its nice to come here and talk to people like you. :) I have been TTC for 5-6 month, but of course my irregular bleeding, very similar to yours are not giving me a chance to TTC because I am taking BC to 1st. of all to STOP the bleeding. 2nd to regulate menses. But during my ultrasound, both regular and transvaginal they found out I have thicken linning of the uterus. She said that it should go away after menses (its in a week) After my period I will have another US to see if it cleared up and if it didn't I will have to go for D&C (she thinks that it may be polyps) and they also want to do a hysteresonogram (thats the one with the camera I believe, if not correct me :) I am praying so hard that it will clear up ..... My husband and I want a baby so bad. When I go to stores and see pregnant woman or woman with kids, I have tears in my eyes. I get upset when I talk to my friends who also just got married and are pregnant or already have kids. But I know that God will send them to us too :) Sheena, are you TTC the baby #1? How old R u if you dont mind me asking? I am 21, so young to have these kind of problems...... I believe that age doesnt matter on this site, we are here to help and support each other right? R u taking any medications right now to control your periods and make them normal again? You know, I hate taking the BC, after we find out about the linning of the uterus, I want to talk to my doctor about clomid, which would give ovulation and also regulate. What do you think? I will pray for you too Sheena and wishing you all the best a lot of baby dust. Will be waiting for your reaply. GOD BLESS AND A LOT OF BABY DUST AGAIN..... :) CUTIE


Cutie - March 24

Sorry its a little long :)


Cutie - March 24

I hope you are coming back :) I want to talk


Sheena - March 27

hi Cutie,
sorry i didnt reply earlier..i hadnt been checking mails..yes i am TTC for baby#1,,same for u i guess... and i am 25..been married for 15 months now..yeah u are young.. but, sweetie, sometimes things are not in our hands.. just keep up ur faith..
and i know wot u means abt seeing pregnant women n getting emotional.. infact i have been seeing more and more Preggy females.. since i started TTC.I hope ur thickened lining goes away with menses.. i am due for the hysterosonogram on tuesday.. i am really nervous abt it.. my doc told me tht they wud b inducing a dye through the vagina and get Xray of the fallopian tubes to see if there is any of now i am not on any medication or BC.. infact when i told my doc tht i had not used any BC since i got married she asked me to go in for Hysterosonogram.She said tht if u were not TTC i cud put u on BC.. i said no i am TTC n dont wanna go on BC.all the best .. and keep me posted,,, i am here whenever u wanna talk....chin up Gal... lotsa love n tonns of baby dust


Cutie - March 29

Hi Sheena, I am so glad to hear back from u. Please let me know how your hysterosonogram goes. You know during last three days (including today) I have had such bad lower abdominal pain... something like contractions or spasms. It is so painful that I was pulling my hair. I have to take Aleve to help with pain. I am going to call my doc tommorow and schedule an appt. ASAP. and if this terrible pain doesnt go away I'll probably go to the ER. I never had painful perriods but this is just so bad. Its so nice we have this forrum where we can talk. I am also planning to tell my doctor that I am reffusing to take BC because it is not doing anything, but keeping me from concieving. And you know, since she told me to take it for three month and then stop, most people take 3 month to get used to the pill.... When people go off the pill it takes a while for their menses to regulate. And since while I am on BC, I have fake periods and my ovaries dont really ovulate, it doesnt fix my problem, I need to ovulate in order to concieve because I had missing, and very irregular periods. I am sure she can do some other tests on hormones and then give me meds to help me ovulate and not the opposite. You know what I mean? :) The only blood test she has done is Thyroid, which came back normal. I cant wait until they get me fixed up. I lost my sex drive due to their birth control pill and this is not helping either. I pray so hard for my problems to go away. :) Good luck to you Sheena and I will talk to you later. God bless and TONS of baby dust your way. Talk to you little later!


Sheena - March 29

hi Cutie,
yeah i know wot u mean abt birth control pills.. thts exactly the reason y i refused to take them.. i just want her to find the problem n fix it.. not .. put it off for the fwd date.. i will mail in tomm/ day after depending on how my HSG goes..pls pls pray for me..
lotsa love n tonns of baby dust


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Cutie - April 1

Hi Sheena, I havent been here for a while. Apparently I had to go to ER 2 days ago and they admitted me to the hospital for such a strong pain in lower abdomen. They did so many tests and most of them are normal. While I was there I started my period (light) and the morning I was going to go home I passed a blood clot that was about a lemon size.... Yes, that big.... They have not done nothing about it. The doctor came and said: Well, apparently thats the way your menses are painful, with blood clots and we can not do anything about it. WOW ?!
I was shocked. You know I was feeling so bad, with a lot of pain (was given morphine, but that didnt help much) I had dizziness and then that huge clot and for DOC its normal. Well, not for me. I got upset and I asked for more tests and he said NO. The staff was very helpful and nice except this doctor and the other nurse who told me that "Some people can tollorate their pain better than I can." When I asked her for a pain relief. Anyway, I am still not feeling well and they discharged me. I saw my OBGYN doctor, I almost passed out on her. She told me that the CT scan that they have done showed that I have"uterine septum" DO you know anything about it? I am freaking out...., not feeling well and dont know whats going on. I also was reffered to OBGYN Endo....... Doctor (I dont know how they call them...sorry.) I will pray for you Sheena, please let me know how it goes. God bless. I will keep you updated.


Sheena, - April 1

hi Cutie,
I am so sorry for ur pain sweetheart. Hope u are feeling better now..Lemon sized Clot is too big.hate tht Doc!!!!!!!WTH? y is he a doc if he cant help u.
My HSG was lil painful.but ok.. will get results when i see my doc next week.will try n find out uterine septum n get back to u
As for clots.. my aunt says tht u shud have lots of fluids n keep going to the loo frequently.. it helps in reducing the pain is ur husband taking all this? I Got my menses and since its after 2 months.. heavy bleeding with small clots.take care Cutie.. i will b praying for u.. and pls keep posting one liners.. whenever u can so tht i know tht u are fine


Cutie - April 1

Hi, thank you for understanding, I am still very week... I dont bleed much but still blood clots. I am confused and dont know what to do. Cant be here for long because I am very dizzy. I will come back little later, Thank you so much Sheena, you became my online friend... Well, my husband is being so helpful and supportive. He is worried for me and get mad at those kind of doctors... Sheena, let me know of your results. How do you feel now after all. I will pray for you too honey. Hope it will all be well. God bless


Sheena, - April 2

hi Cutie,
GoodMorning..i hope u are feeling better today.. take care of urself.. drink Warm milk..helps in relieving pain n will keep up ur strength. I am really worried abt u. And dont worry i am here for u whenever u need.Much Love


Cutie - April 4

Hi Sheena, I am doing a little better, I mean that I dont have the spasms and that real bad pain. However I am not bleeding like my doctor told me I would because of the thickened linning of the uterus. Therefore I made an apt. for an ultrasound and then I will see a DOC for a posible D&C maybe that would help. I can not wait until it all gets under control, and I ovulate and the most important that I would get pregnant. Unfortunately I got a really bad cold right now....everything all together, but I am not loosing my hope, I know God will do it, but it takes time... Did you get your results? Sheena, thank you for being there for me. God Bless, and I will talk to you later.


Cutie - April 6

Hi Sheena, havent seen you around :)I hope you are coming back, just want to talk to someone. :) Cutie


Cutie - April 7

Hi Sheena, I hope u r coming back. ...
I had my US today and then a follow up appt. My doctor told me that the linning is back to normal..... THANKS TO GOD!!!!!! I still have a little bloating and little dull pain at times, but not as before... I am waiting for an appt. with Reproductive Endocrinologist, since they have a waiting list, I have to wait and wait and wait..... I need to get patient, I want a baby so desperately... All right, enought of crying for me :)..................
How are you? Any good results?Talk to you later


Sheena - April 7

hii cutieeeeeee
hugssssssssssssss i am so happy for u... i know sweetheart tht we need to b patient. well the news on my front is.. I GOT MY PERIOD.. yuppiee i am so glad tht it finally came.. means all is not wrong in my lil world. I got an appointment with my doc for 15th.. will come to know more then.. in the mean time hang in there.. i am here for u whenever u need u have any email id.. yahoo or msn where we can chat.. or atleast b in touch,,
gimme urs.. i'll add u to my messenger.And i know u'll have tht baby soon. i can just feel it.. atleast u got one good news.. and u are still so young sweetheart.. sometimes we just go thru a very bad patch.. thank God for supporting hubbies...
Love u loads.. i'll try n check in atleast once a day to see if u have left any posts..
Much Love



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