this happend to anybody?
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sam - October 21

he wants baby we both do but when it comes to love making i dont want it , sounds silly i know ! for me have to be romantic and he just wants to do a business and get to sleep ! i thought to do IVF cus i know this was is not gone work , but sounds silly cus we are both healty we just don want have sex !


P - October 22

I think there is an underlying problem there. You need to get those issues worked out before you bring a baby into that.


sane - October 22

You need to examine why..and how to get to the TTC...Otherwise just wasting time..


tb - October 22

i have a question? why don't you want to? is it that it's not good to you? are is it to much pressure? (baby) was your sex life before you started ttc?


sam - October 23

no sex is not good before was not bad you know sex was never important to me when he holds me in bed im satisfied i dont need 3 times a week sex even once in month would be okay , there is no other problem we love eachother just sex is bad and im doen with doctors !


M'Rita - October 24

Hi Sam,
I agree with P, u do need to sort those issues before thinking of having a baby. Even when u are TTC, sex does not have to be like a business, talk to your partner about making it romantic for you, so that u both enjoy it! I don't thin IVF is the best option either, just talk to DP and let him know how u feel.
Good Luck Girl!


sheena - November 22

What is ivf?


To: Sheena - November 22

IVF=In vitro fertilization



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