The Name Game :)))
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Audrey - November 15

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 11 months. No luck. It gets so depressing..... but it always cheers me up to think about what my future baby will look like, and what we will name him/her. What names do you and your DH have picked out? For a girl we like Alexandra (Alex) or Avery, and for a boy the only name we can agree on is Cole. We disagree on every other boy name!! The present can be so depressing, but thinking about the future makes me smile. ***Baby dust****


Mega - November 15

Hi. I hear ya. We're the exact same way. In fact, my DH & I had the names picked out since our 4th month of dating. :) We too chose Alexandra for a girl. Alexandra Elizabeth (I'll call her Alex Beth) & Holden for a boy. We're still deciding on a middle name, but I'm leaning towards Gabriel. My DH doesn't like that name, but since he selected the girl's name & we decided on Holden together I think it's ultimately MY decision. :) I figure what ever makes dealing with infertility better, go for it! I really like the name Cole by the way. My dad's older brother is named Cole & I have a cousin named Cole too. Very different name, classy I think.


ALH - November 15

You are so right about it being depressing, but it does cheer me up to think about names and stuff like baby furniture. My dh and i like Reed for a boy and Macy or Avery for a girl. But who knows by the time i have one all of that might be changed. I love the name Cade for a boy but my dh hates it!


Staci - November 15

DH and I like the name Katherine Scarlett and Blake Alexander. The girl we would call Katie or Scarlett depending on how fiesty she is!


chicks - November 15

Hi there! What a great idea.. I don't know about you, but whenever I imagine what our baby's name will be, I always smile.. We have decided that if we have a girl first, it will be Jaden Barbara Katherine, and for a boy, it will be Landon James Allan. I am so looking forward to actually using these names.. ;-) Been trying for 13 months... All beautiful names so far! Keep it coming! Baby dust to all!


Jen - November 15

Hi Audrey! My dh and I have been ttc our first for over two years and we actually had our names picked out prior to trying, but unfortunately so many of our friends and family have had kids since we started trying that our names have been taken several times. However, we agree that if we have a girl her name will be either Paige Elizabeth or Addison Elizabeth. For a boy we like Owen Andrew or Aiden James. Good luck to everyone!


acklyn - November 15

Hi Audrey, i know what you mean, just lastnite my husband and I were talking about when we conceive our 1st child together about whom they would look like, what to name them - personally i like the names Alexis,Yasmin and or Alexandria for a girl and Alexander for a boy - though my husband says he perfers to use his deceased father's name Julian for a boy, my deceased mother's name Matilda or his deceased grandmother Pauline for a girl name - to think of using a deceased person's name kindof gives me goosebumps
Babydust to all ttc...


Karen - November 16

TTC for 8 months. My DH and I like to talk about our future kids also. Names we like for girls- Adriana and Vanessa. Boy names we don't see eye to eye at all. I also like Adrienne for a girl or Cameron- My DH hated those. We don't tell our friends these name b/c we don't want them getting stolen by our friends!Good Luck!


Tracy - November 16

Glad to know that we aren't the only ones TTC who have baby names ready and waiting... Girl names we have tons of-Miranda Rae will likely be our first choice. And as for a boy... we are slightly at odds... my husband loves Deacon, and I love Cole or Will. Although girls would be much easier... we also love Piper , Talia and Ruth. OK so the last 2 are mostly me. I LOVE Ruth (my Grandmother's name was Ruth, my mother in law's middle name is Ruth and my middle name is Ruth) but my husband thinks it's too old... But I'll keep working on him...


dea - November 16

Hi Girls! DH and I have decided on Girl: Erica Lynn...Boy: Calvin Edward. STACI: are you two Gone With The Wind fans?? Love the film. Love the character. We are similar to you all in that we haven't told anyone our names. We don't want them "stolen" either... Hopefully after 19+ months we will finally get a chance to use them! DUST!! Oh yeah- and we aren't telling anyone the name until after the child is born- that way we don't have to listen to anyone's comment about likes/dislike. A friend of mine waited and what she did made sense because after her daughter was born- the baby's name was perfect and "went right with her!" Plus- nobody is going to be crass and say "Oh- I hate that name.." They just coo over the baby at that point!


Dawn (DS) - November 16

Hi. My husband and I are always takling about our childrens names and what type of parents we are going to be etc. I decided on James for a boy when i was 14 and still love the name and my husbands middle name is James and luckly he likes it aswell. For a girl I love the name Mia but my husband hates the name, he likes Victoria, Rebecca and hate them.


Miracles Happen - November 16

I too love thinking about my future child's name and how it will shape their personality. My husband and I are thinking of Jaxon for a boy, or Riley for a girl...


feedback - November 16

My husband loves the name Nels for a boy (his family is of Norwegian origin and we have a very Norwegian last name). Nels . I just don't know if I could live with that. Do you like Adele for a girls name? Addy would be the nickname. thanks (what a fun post!)


Mega - November 16

Nels is certainly an unusual name, which might be cool. Esp. with your DH's ancestory. While we're on the subject on not liking names our DH's have picked out, my hubby is a big Notre Dame football fan. He likes Gip for a middle name. Or ESPN. I made the mistake of emailing him that story about the boy born last year with the name ESPN (es-pen). LOL. Needless to say I've put the kibosh on those names real quick. I think though, knowing my hubby, he's mainly joking esp. about ESPN, but with Derr I never know for sure. Just thought I'd share!


M - November 16

I think "Gip" is really cute. I went to high school with a guy whose last name was Gilbertson and we called him Gipper. It's different, but very original and would be cute as a nickname/middle name.


KAY - November 16

I saw this thread, and what a great idea! My dh and I have been ttc for 19 months. For a boy he has decided on Cole (as well) but we are not agreeing on a middle name. He wants Dalton, and I want Austin. A girl we have decided Charley, but cannot come up with a middle name. I have another boy name that I want to use, so we had better have 2 of them. I really like Mason.


M - November 16

I think with Charley (so cute, by the way) a girly middle name, one syllable would be nice. Like Charley Ann or Charley May. :-)



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