The Name Game :)))
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M - November 16

I think with Charley (so cute, by the way) a girly middle name, one syllable would be nice. Like Charley Ann or Charley May. :-)


Mega - November 16

Oh M, that's funny that you knew a "Gipper." I don't think I'll tell my DH that though. LOL! I agree, I think Charley for a girl is really cool. I love boy names for girls.


M - November 16

I work with a student whose name is Charlestina aka "Charlie" There was a j-lo movie (I think monster-in-law) and her name was Charlotte and called Charlie. I think going with Charley is nice since that's what you'd call her all the time anyway. I find that I like thinking of girls names more than boy names.


sveya - November 16

what a cute post!! This really brightened up my day - thanks for posting it!! My dh and I have a list - mostly girls names - but the first one we thought of was Whitney for a girl. And Jackson for a boy. Everyone have a great day!!


Mega - November 16

I don't know why, but I think it's easier to come up with girls' names than boys names, for me at least. But the funny thing is I picture myself having a boy easier than I picture a daughter. Don't get me wrong, I'll be ecstatic with either, as long as they're healthy! Maybe girls names are easier to come up with b/c there seems to be more girls names out there than boys.


KAY - November 17

I agree, girls names are easier to come up with, but harder to agree on. Between me and my dh, we knew someone with that name, or our friend has a kid with that name. I think girl names are easier to be creative with, too. I love the boy names for girls (my 2nd girl name is Ryan-spelled Ryann), but you cannot do that vice versa. I will not be naming my boy Sue! LOL A little one for all you country fans.



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