The Immaturity On This Forum!!!!
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Can't Believe - June 1

Dont you think some of you ladies are a little immature? People come here for knowledge...AND TO SHARE KNOWLEDGE! This place is as cliquie as high school! You should all grow up! All of you are trying to have children, yet your acting like children!


Amy - June 2

Hello. I beg to differ. Yes, this is a site for information. But it is also a site for support. You know, I believe that it helps people to know that they are not alone. It is no way shape or form immature. Just people telling others how they feel and finding out that others feel the same way. There is nothing wrong or immature about that. One more thing also before I go. If you do not like it, you do not have to come in here. ok? But do not tell other people that they are being immature only when they are trying to tell how they feel and trying to get support. There is nothing wrong with that.


Drew - June 2

I agree this forum is helpful... most times anyway, but I also agree that there are some people on here that are kinda immature. You just gotta ignore those who bother you.


LISA ABC - June 2

I believe that some people that go onto this site just post stuff that is immature because they have nothing better to do then to get a rise out of women whose emotional state may not be grounded because of the stress of trying to concieve. Trust me when i say i know that my emotional state has totally been effected by the clomid.



If you can't handle what people have to say you must have a hard time in the real world "wow" get over it! Drew the only people around here acting like children is you!! miss I know everything!!


To Can't Believe - June 2

Oviously you have nothing better to do than to put people down. That must be your life. It is also obvious to the rest of us that you have never had trouble conceiving, therefore you do not understand. You get a life and get on with your life. There are many smart, intelligent people on this board who unlike you like the support. So just get the hell out and get on with your bad self.


maddy - June 2

people come here to be consoled, not entertained.....and if people are giivng advice great but there are many people come here with emotional stress and need to vent, that doesnt mean be vulgar and onscene! what will you teach your children-be rude, curse if angry, etc ....grow up before you can bring up a child this world.


bothersome - June 2

maddy mind your business.....................


blah blah - June 2



sam - June 2

and u think this isn't immature??????


to Can't believe - June 2

What gives you the right to judge these woman and myself? Obviously, you came into here for some reason. Hmmm.... maybe looking for advice yourself?Your the the one who chose to come into this forum. Nobody is making you read through these questions and anwers. Woman come here when they don't have anyone else to talk to you. These woman here have helped out alot of people with their knowledge and experience. So if you don't like it, or don't agree with it, DON'T COME IN HERE AGAIN!!!!!


Drew - June 2

cry me a river- What are you talking about? I never said anyone is acting like children. I said I find the forum helpful, but there are SOME on here who are immature. And I know everything...? Is this not a place to share what you have learned? Through the whole infertility process I have learned ALOT. I have done research, and I'm sharing what I've learned. Is that not what this forum is for?


laura xx - June 2

i agree. i only came on ere for advice and peoples opion. instead i get called a retard cos i call somthing different for where i come from .


XOXOXO - June 2

I think that we all need just to calm ourselves down and realize that Lisa ABC is right... these people are all just trying to get a rise out of us. We need to let this go and move on with our lives.


Audrey - June 2

XOXOXO is right, that was very well said. It is like these people get a kick out of ruffling feathers. This forum is about women who are frustrated, sad, angry, happy, hopeful, and a number of other emotions, about the conceiving/pregnancy process. No one here (or anywhere else) deserves to be called a retard or any of the other vulgar names I have read. I am looking forward to being part of more positive posts in the future. Baby Dust!:))


TS - June 3

"Can't Believe", you started a very IMMATURE! post! I have been coming to this forum for months and have never read anything with so much negativity....don't come here to vent about people you don't know. You are obviously angry and frusturated, I hope you get help, in the meantime, someone my be using the "poor taste" button the next time you come around.


Drew - June 4

How does that poor taste button work anyway...? Could be helpful in the future!



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