The Immaturity On This Forum!!!!
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Drew - June 4

How does that poor taste button work anyway...? Could be helpful in the future!


Mondo - June 4

Is there something spersific you dont like or attitude in general.Ive asked a few ?but never get answers what do you think Im doing wrong


Drew - June 4

Mondo, sorry, I havent really looked at all the threads. Which one is yours?No one is ignoring you.....there are sometimes some lulls where no one is on!


oh really - June 5

there are women here looking for people who share similarities to comfort them that doesnt make anyone a morron except you hellspawn





to mr t or shall i say jerkoff - June 5

jesus doesnt condone hurting other people! you came here to stir up feelings and make an argument! and your comment about feeding him, your going down! not up! heaven makes angels not devils like you!


obviosly - June 5

your language proves your faith in religion! curse at yourself, when you look in the mirror and see what a looser youare.


non hick - June 5

to a real prick, you arent hurting anyones feelings here you came to start trouble and should seriously get your head checked trying to insult people who are here for mature reasons.


not funny - June 5

this isnt funny at all you getting a laugh out of this is amazing, what some people will do to get thier jollies


not funny - June 5

you have no heart, no sympathy and need a life


Dreama - June 5

I said this before, Mr T is one of those sad little boys who parents never cared for him. You are the perfect EXAMPLE we ladies and gents talk about, about how sorry we are for the life you kids needed and didnt get by parents who were never there for you!!!


Jill - June 6

Ladies, we need to ignore these children. A comedy website ( posted something about the pregnant teens forum. Obviously, it is funny that teenage girls are pregnant, I just don't know how I've missed the humor in that for all these years. These kids are causing trouble on many forums on this site. Maybe if we just ignore them, they'll leave us alone. We have to be strong, ladies. We're all under enough stress as it is and we don't need any more. These kids just want to get a rise out of us, please let's not give them the satisfaction.


Jo - June 6

You're absolutely right, Jill! Let's just ignore these posts and they'll get bored and move on if they can't get a rise out of anyone. Why should we waste our time responding to people who don't belong on here when we have our own personal problems to be focusing on instead. Let's not give them the satisfaction of a response!


Chidee - June 6

You know there is a "Poor Taste" button, if you find the post "harrassing" you can report it. These forums unfortunately have no moderators, so things are only delt with when they are reported


u dont know me like that - June 7

u could of saved that for someone who cares that was very childish of u your you know what must of came on today.n also people come n here for support not knowledge n u have a bless day.


Drew - June 7

Is there any way to end a thread? If there is maybe that would be a good thing to do so no one else has the oppertunity to hurt everyone.



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