Success stories with IUI and injectibles
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cspears99 - October 26

I was curious if anyone was pregnant doing IUI with injectibles and also if you know the cost of everything including labs, u/s and meds? I live in Norther CA and nothing is covered under ins, also how many times did you do the IUI with inj before becoming pregnant?? Thank you


Tracy88 - October 26

I got PG on my first try with Injectables and back to back IUI's. The total cost of the cycle was about $1500 to $1600. Part of that cost depends on how many IUI's you do and how much medication you need. I probably had two ultrasounds before going in for my IUI's. I got a positive pregnancy test exactly 14 days past my second IUI. I did not test prior to that because I had cramps and was sure my period was coming. Good luck.


dea - October 27

I got pg with my first cycle of injectibles with IUI. But...dh and I had sperm issues. The odds of us concieving were about 10-12%. So, we were very blessed. My ins. covered the meds - ($4000) - I had a co-pay of $70. However, I only needed one Follistim cartridge and the order came with four so it would have been less than that had I been paying out of pocket. Everything else was covered with co-pays, too. If we had to pay--- sperm washes ($200) and the actual IUI each ($250). Also- we had two IUI's back-to-back. One on the day after triggering ovulation (Friday) and one Saturday Morning. Plus- we BDed. I don't know how much the ultrasounds would have cost (I think I had three for that cycle)- I never saw a "bill" for those. Like TRACY88- I got a positive exactly 14 days after 1st IUI. The RE drew blood and it came back positive. Good Luck!!


cspears99 - October 27

Thank you so much for this info, after doing three IUI's with clomid, not the inj, and all failed, this is our next step, we are going for our meeting next Friday, I am hopeful this time, all this positive feedback really helps, thanks and congratulations to both you!!!


Tracy88 - October 27

I can't tell you how many people I know who did not get PG with clomid (including myself) but did with the injectables.


Tink - October 27

i too am staring injections - tonight actually! follistim (sp?). i just went in today for my post op from my lap last week. today is already CD5, but we decided to go for it. i've previously done 4 months on clomid only (last year) and then have had 2 IUIs with clomid in aug/sept. did the lap of course in oct. So injectables were the next logical step. i am on low dose (100 iu for 4 nights) since i ovulated very well on the clomid both cycles (50mg- 7 follies/4eggs). but my lining was thin both times. so hopefully the injectables work since they won't affect the lining.

good luck! thanks for sharing your success stories ladies, it definitely gives me hope! plus, i got the 600iu cartridge for free today- the drug rep had left some 'samples', so i got one! awesome huh, since i would have had to pay out of pocket for it.


DCL - October 27

Tink - Do you know if it is typical to skip a month after a lap. I am scheduled to have one on 11/30 and might be in the middle of a cycle and close to ovulation. I thought I heard that you have to skip a cycle. I hope I am pg this month so I can avoid a lap. I currently have 3 cysts after 3 failed clomid/IUI cycles therefore my DR told me to skip this month. Let's hope the cysts go away. What did you think of the lap? Did it take awhile to recuperate? thanks!


Tink - October 27

hi DCL- my doc had said we could move forward right away, even before we had the lap. i know a lot of REs force you take a break or even put you on lupron or bc for a while. I've responded so well to everything so far, that I guess he was comfortable with moving on, plus i told him my insurance is changing in january and i'll lose my IUI coverage (it doesn't cover meds though). so i wanted to move fast and get 2 IUIs in before end of year. So i pushed the issue and he was okay with it. he probably would have had me do a natural cycle had i not asked or pushed a little. so just ask. also on the lap- it wasn't bad. i had never had any kind of surgery before. i woke up from the anisthesia wondering when they were going to start, but it was all over. i had it on a friday, took sat, sun and monday to recover. just very sore. i am almost back to normal now (week later). they found mild endo in about 5 spots, 2 cysts (from previous cycles that hadn't ruptured) and my ovary was swollen 3x the size. they drained it. said he didn't know why. somethings are just unexplained i guess. so i am just ready to move on. i am 33 and just feel time slipping away, since i want two. here's hoping for twins for me! lol best of luck on your lap. it wasn't really that bad at all. and i am glad i did it.


cspears99 - October 27

Hi what is the Lap you are talking about is this something that has to be done during the process of the injectibles?? also do they hurt when you are doing them??


Tracy88 - October 28

DCL, I had the lap just before ovulation in July and my doc wanted me to take the rest of the cycle off, so I did. Physically you recuperate very quickly, but internally I think they just like to know everything healed sufficiently before moving on. The lap was by far the easiest surgery I have ever been through and the most painless. The worst part is coming out of the anesthesia and it's not because of pain, it's because you are tired as hell and out of it. As far as TTC, the lap is the best thing that I could have done. I was PG the cycle just after the lap.


Tracy88 - October 28

Tink, I think your ovary was swollen due to hyperstimulation. That is why I have beenon bedrest the entire beginning of this ovaries became enlarged from doing the injectables, hyperstimmed. I respond very well to the drugs too and was on the lowest dose of Gonal F and still hyperstimmed. If you hyperstim on the meds and don't get PG, the size of your ovaries goes down much quicker than if you do the meds and get PG. Since my hormones have been rising, the ovaries don't start to shrink for weeks after getting PG, and even then it is slow going. I am almost 11 weeks and they are still enlarged.


tonyaandjoe - October 29

what is a lap?


Tink - October 30

Wow Tracey- congrats first off! is there anything they can do for the swelling at this point for you? they drained the one ovary that was swollen. I produced 7, yes 7 mature follies on just 50mg of clomid, the lowest dose basically. so i definitely respond well and can easily overstim. i am only doing 100iu on the injectable, hoping i don't overstim. i go in tomorrow for the first u/s- CD9. i am sure they will monitor more closely on the injectables and based on what they found in the lap, they know what to watch for problem wise hopefully! good luck on a successful pregnancy! congrats


Tink - October 30

Ladies- a lap is a laprascopy (sp?). it is a procedure where they insert a camera through your belly button to check for endometriosis (and other problems). it is commonly suggested for women that are suspected of having endo. You can't know you have endo other than actually going in and doing the lap. it doesn't show up on regular scans/sonograms etc. Symptoms are irregular periods and painful PMS/periods. i have had both for years, so he suspected i had it and i did. 80% of women that have it, don't know they do. it can affect fertility. the endo tissue/lining basically grows somewhere else- like outside your uterus, on your ovaries, tubes etc. One women i heard had it up in her chest. the extra tissue or scar tissue can impede fertility. they remove it by cutting it, but more often burning it away. the lap is a day/outpatient procedure- you are completely under though. it took about 45 min for mine. took me a weekend plus a day to recover. The lap can 'clear' you out if they found anything. they go in just to look, but will remove anything bad they find. they found mild endo in 5 places on me, plus 2 cysts they removed (from previous cycles- follies didn't rupture) and drained a swollen ovary. i have one tiny incision, no longer than my fingernail, plus the bellybutton scab.


cspears99 - October 31

Thank you Tink for the information, I didn't know that was the only way to truly find out about endo?? thank you!! best wishes :-)


cspears99 - October 31

Sooo I got all my info on pricing for IUI with injectibles and it as a lot more than I thought, here in northern ca its about 6,000 for everything including meds??? I thought that seemed high but our insurance doesn't cover any infertility so, just wanted to let people know, thanks. Cheryl


Tink - October 31

Wow Cheryl, sorry it is so high. i am in dallas and seeing one of the best RE's in TX. my first injectable cycle (this one!) only is costing me $65. i just found out my IUIs are covered by my ins, unfortunately we are changing ins in january, and i'll lose that benefit, so i only get in like 2 more free IUIs. i've submitted claims for the 2 i've already done, just waiting on payment. They don't cover my drugs though. Luckily the office had some samples- so i got a free 600iu cartridge! i was so thankful. i think it would have cost about $300 or more for that cartridge. luckily i only need one cartridge this month as we doing low dose since i tend to overstim on the clomid. (but lo and behold, it wasn't enough this cycle). Be sure and ask your office about samples or donations. Many folks that have it covered by ins get 'extra' cartridges and don't use them all and might donate them. it's worth asking about at least. I might have to pay for next month, so that stinks. ______________________________________so had my first u/s w/ the inj and i only have 3 follies worht anything- 19.5, 17 and 14.5. schedule for insem on friday, by then the 19.5 will be over-mature probably and the other two should be up to the right size. that only gives me two to work with. so that is disappointing. i wish i had more (i had 7 the last two cycles w/ clomid). so i am thinking this month won't happen. i am kinda pissed and disappointed. oh well, nothing i can do now but hope and pray. my lining is great though, so the shots helped that (was a problem with clomid).



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