starting clomid when do u ovulate
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silly me - February 14

sorry to be thick i was only told about dosage do u ovulate when u take the tablets or after???


tryin4baby - February 14

after you take them


hi - February 14

thank you


jk - February 15

you are supposed to start trying starting day 10 of your cycle, every other day for 8 days. It will be easier after the 1st month and you know how long your cycle will be. Your most fertile day is day 14 counting back from when you are supposed to get your period next. Good Luck!


silly me - February 25

thanks guys im so worried i have just been given these tablets and told to get blood test on day 21 to see if ovulated was never told when i would ovulate xx An ultr sound was mentioned at hospital but nothing threw the post will it arrive xx


jb - February 25

you have to visit doc on day 21 is that the day u are meant to ovulate?


tryin4baby - February 25

if i understood the drs correctly the fertility drug will make you produce eggs if you don't already and make them mature. you need to be monitored by the dr. for them to see if the drug is working and to be sure your uterus isn't thinning out. day 21 seems very late. what days did the dr. tell you to start taking them and approx. when do you o? on clomid i o'd on day 10 but i usually o early anyway. around day 10 of your cycle then i would start using an opk unless you usually o later in the cycle.


jb - February 26

day 2 until day 6 (day 2 was yest i never took the pill i was really worried after reading side affects and i was dizzy all day might take it today if i get brave and stop worrying) i have 34 day cycles and he said i need blood test on day 21 to see if i ovulated xx


tryin4baby - February 26

is this your reg. ob that prescribed it to you? they really should be monitoring you better on it.


jb - February 26

gyno gave it me only time i see anyone is on day 21 aftewr 1st pill for scan and blood so i take the tablets are left ovulating and also left worried about taking the tablets xx


tryin4baby - February 26

and what if you respond to well to the medication and have multiples. i responded nicely as far as producing the eggs. i produced 2 but i don't want multiples. then it thinned the lining of my uterus out enough to prevent pregnancy. it is really annoying that i have to go the dr. so often and it is getting quite expensive with just the co-pays and gas since it is 45 mins. away, but i am glad they are monitoring me as closely as they are. i would just start checking with the opk's to see when you are going to ovulate in the meantime. but i would really talk to them about it. i didn't have low progesterone until i took the clomid last month. that was my first time taking it. this month i did injections and had an iui done today. but monday i have to start on progesterone suppositories twice a day. i would really talk to them about watching and explaining everything to you. good luck.


jb - February 27

oh my god i know im gonna end up with 3 babies!!! I did tell them i only wanted 1 they said we will scan u at 21 days which now i can see is to late im on tablet 2 today and we had sex last night it is to soon for tablets one to give us lots of kids isnt it haha x Yr great 4 advise xx


tryin4baby - February 27

i only want one baby as well but with any infertility drugs you have the increased chance. i was on a low dose of clomid so they said (100 mg. a day) days 3 - 7. i produced 2 eggs with it. so had i conceived last month, it could have been twins. i would take the medication but i would call and speak to the dr. about it. worse case, you don't have sex during your fertile times to prevent pregnancy. i just don't understand why they would do the scan so late in the cycle. i know every woman is different but unless you regularly ovulate that late, they shouldn't be starting to check then. where are you from?


Renee - February 27

I just started clomid his month too. I read that you ovulate 5-8 days after you take your last pill. I've discovered from reading other posts on here that it seems many women are not monitored that closely while on clomid. I'm just taking the 50mg dose. On day 24 I have to have a blood test to see if progesterone went up, showing ovulation (I went on clomid because prog. was low, they suspected that I randomly ovulated, or my luteal phase was too short to allow a fertilized egg to implant). Anyways, my dr. was giving me a month or two on clomid to see if that works, then go into further testing.


jb - February 27

Im from England thats why im not getting monitored prop!haha I was given 30tablets told to take 5 tablets a month for 3 months still not sure why they gave me 30tablets only needed 15!!! Im not seeing my gyno untill july 18th now so i have these tablets one blood test a month (21st day of cycle) and only one scan has been mentioned threw out the 3 months this is not looking good 4 me!! All i will be told by my hospital app is yes u ovulated or no you didnt and thats it till the next month! So in the mean time im having sex like there is no tom and stand a chance of multiple preg the doc said this is very rare but im still a little concerned xx


jb - February 27

Renee are u from the uk cuz yr not getting monitored either xx Im only on 50mg and if not preg within 3 moinths they will up my does and investigate further! On my 1st visit i was given clomid 2 try im not moaning as i hear good things about the product im just worried women like us are not being monitored prop!


tryin4baby - February 27

what about going to an infertility specialist. maybe your insurance will cover it. mine did. i am just shocked about how they don't monitor you at all.



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