starting clomid when do u ovulate
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tryin4baby - February 27

what about going to an infertility specialist. maybe your insurance will cover it. mine did. i am just shocked about how they don't monitor you at all.


kc - February 27

JB I to am from the UK and on clomid I was given 3 months surply and told to take it on days 2 to 6 of my cycle. I was not offered a scan but I was told to have a blood test on day 21 to check if I've overlated. I was told my GP would contact me if there was a problem. If not I was to carry on with pills and when my pills run out my GP would give me 3 more months surply and he would up my doseage from 50mg to 100mg. It seems in UK we do things alot different from USA. Having twins doesn't bother me as I want a baby so badly the way I see it is my family would be complete. Also twins is better then not getting pregnant at all surely.


jb - February 27

yr right two is better than none at all but i already have a 6yr old son who is a handful not sure if anyone would cope with 4 of him!haha x We dont get monitored over here and there is not a fertility clinic by us!! Only one is london which is miles away to t5ravel 2 xxxx I was happy to get the clomid just wasnt given any info about it like when i ovulate and stuff x


kc - February 27

I'm in the same boat as you my nearest fertility clinic is london which is miles away. I also have a 5yr who keeps asking why can't she have a brother or sister like her friends. I,m due to overlate this thursday day 14 but my gyni told us to have sex from day 10 untill day 20 every 2 days you should have seen my partners face lol. She said because I have a 28 day cycle I could overlate any time between day 12 to day 16. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


jb - February 27

bet he cant wait!! Its hard when they ask why they havent got any brothers or sisters i feel sorry 4 my son as i was expecting but we lost it so he really wants one soon thing is its been 5 months and im loosing hope! Clomid please work!!!haha London is to far to travel too and only gyno's can help us over here!! my cycles are longer they are 34days long now xxim gonna bed every other night after the tablets well we are bedding now and im only on day 2 haha xx


kc - February 27

I had an eptopic over 2yrs ago so I've only got one tube If that isn't bad enough I was told this month that I have pcos that why I was given the clomid. It seems it never rains it only pours. Sorry tohear about your lose I've been trying for 2yrs soplease don't give up. Also I feel my age might have someting to do with it I'm 34yrs and I don't want to be an old mum I've said I will give it 2 more yrs then I will stop. The pain gets worse each month when my period comes but now with the clomid I hope I will get pregnant.


tryin4baby - February 27

i know i will have a baby just not when i planned to. and i'm sure that the same will be for you both as well. i really wouldn't mind having twins but i know that i can't support them financially and that just wouldn't be fair to them. having two kids is one things but two in diapers, daycare, formula, baby food, etc. i just can't swing.

kc - your dr. is right. just prior to ovulating you are suppose to have sex every other day including a few days after ovulation occurs. the best times are the day before and a day after to be sure that the sperm gets to the egg. if you have sex to often, the sperm isn't "quality sperm" and may not be strong enough to break through the egg.

i understand the problem you both have about getting to a fertility clinic but i just don't like that they don't monitor you there. Between what I have read about clomid and what the dr. has told me it just seems as though you need to be monitored. I could be wrong since i am only talking from experience with my dr. but i trust my dr completely that they are telling the truth and know what is best. good luck to you both and hopefully we will all get the bfp really soon.


kc - February 27

tryin4baby r you in UK or do u live somewhere else. The help u r getting sounds rearly good if u live somewhere like the states you have to pay for your medical stuff or get it on insurance cover. In UK clomid is given free on NHS but if you need IVF then you have to pay. I've already been told if this doesn't work after 6mths they will see if my tube is blocked. I've been told that if I need IVF I won't get any help with cost as I already have a child and first go will cost £3800 and every go after that £800 I don't have this kind of money. So I hope that this works.


tryin4baby - February 27

i live in new jersey. it just so happens that nj mandated some larger companies to cover infertility with health insurance so that is why i have it covered. otherwise, i wouldn't be going there as i couldn't afford it either. the drs. here usually won't do any testing until you have tried for 1 year straight. i had reason to believe that i would have problems and possible cysts and went to my dr. he wouldn't do anything and told me to come back. my cousin works at the specialist that i go to and she had me go there. that is how i found out about a lot of this and that insurance actually does cover it. going there is like a part time job. i have to go there often and they call after each appt. to give me my next instruction. if i don't follow what they are telling me to do they will drop me. i am there constantly for blood work and about 3 - 4 ultra sounds a month. fortunately, if i need IVF then my insurance will cover up to 4 per lifetime but the prices at this place were outrageous. i think IVF was $22,000. good luck.


Renee - February 28

I am in the US too. I will have to ask my dr about the scans, as he has not mentioned those.


jb - February 28

Lets just hope we get lucky this month xxx I didnt know how much IVF was over here so thanks KC!! I have heard of an excellent private clinic over by where i live in Staffordshire the 1st meeting is meant to be £100 then from that they tell u what is wrong and what they can do! My moms mate went there and within 3 weeks she has a baby (they removed an egg injected her husbands sperm into it and then the next week she had her positive test!!! She went to NHS but didnt find them helpful as they gave here all the clomid and iui and provera and all along it was her husband who had a low sperm count xx


michelle - March 1

it's made me cry reading all your stories.this is my story.
previous to having depro i had two natural pregnancies ending in miscarriage, i then had two shots off depro and decided it was time to start trying for a baby, had no period for a year, went through a year of blood tests every month to see if i was ovulating with no luck then had the laparoscopy with no reason for me not to conceive, later on i was put on clomid, i fell on my 2nd cycle but didn't know as pregnancie tests were negative and i nearly died with an errupted eptopic on my 23rd birthday! exactly a year today in fact, now i'm on my first cycle of clomid, day 8 and fingers crossed.
depro should be banned, i'm sure if i hadn't have had those shots i would have been a mum by now without all these operations and tablets!
it really shouldn't be on the market, does it cause eptopics and miscarriages i wonder?
what ever it does its not natural to take away a womens monthly period, and give you mood swings like you could murder someone!!!!!
i think it was over 3 years ago i had those shots!
i've just seen my gynae, so fresh in my mind, i'm from the uk by the way JB....
you have to ring the hospital the day your period starts!!! they then book you in for a scan on your 14th day!!
always my luck that its a sat or sun but hooray this month its next mon 7th!
this is to see if i've produced eggs and follicles, they sometimes also do a blood test on day 21 to see if you have ovulated?
with clomid it is also suppose to regulate your cycle to 28 days so in theory you should ovulate on day 14! but like someone else said, start having sex from day 10 for at least a week, i hope this helps, if confused speak tp your doctor as last year when i was on clomid i thought the hospital would send me a scan through the post i got in a muddle and missed both scans and thats when i had an eptpic, they would have picked it up on a scan if i had gone but i didn't have a clue what was going on with my body i left it so late as i thought i was having a period that i had lost 2 pints of blood and nearly died if i had not been rushed in to hospital, so PLEASE have that scan!!!!!


jb - March 1

Michelle thanks 4 yr advise and u have had a rough time my fingers are crossed 4 u this time around!! my scan arrived for the 17th March its for 21days after period not 14 for some reason??? maybe it due to my long cycles as im on a 34 day cycle!! Will the scan just show if i ovulated?? xx


jb - March 1

Also im a little confused as tonight i will be taking tablet 4 and this morning i have had thick creamy mucus with a browny/pinky tint to it any ideas??? I know its a lot of info but i never have creamy mucus like this until ovulation and stuff xx


rachel - March 1

4 yrs ago i was put on clomid due to polycystic ovary, thankfully i conceived on first month. Last summer i started taking the clomid again, i tried it for 3 months but no joy at the time i was on 50mg. When i went back to consultant he told me that i was to go back to him in 12 months but as ou probably understand it have been suh a long wait, i know a friend on clomid too and she had spare clomid tablets so i have just taken more but this time i took 2 a day 1 in the morning and 1 in the night which totaled to 100mg a day. I finished my tablets on the 23rd of feb so still trying to conceive. I have been having cramp pains in my side, which i feel as if its my ovary and feeling very tired all the time, could this be a sign of me being pregnant or do you think its to soon. I not having any scans done as yet because my consultant doent know that i have taken more of these tablets, as like i said i had them from a friend, silly really but desperate. Can some one please help. Thankyou.


michelle - March 2

hi jb, yeah maybe as your cycle is longer thats why day 21, althought my gynae said that clomid makes you 28 day cycle!!!
which makes it confusing as mycycle canbe anything from 23 days to 29 being the longest. he saidyou always ovulate 14 days before you will come on!!
but if like me being irregular then really i don't know when my fertile day would be! i said this to him and he said it will be on my 14th day. well i suppose this scan on monday will show if i have ovulated! will let you know as it will be before yours. (my appointmnet hasn't come through yet so a bit worried! luckily i do have a close eye kept on me because of all my previous problems!
has any one had an xray done for tubal investigation, i don't know when this month or next i've got to have dye put in my tubes and xrayed! he said its like having a smear, i've also got to take anti biotics for a week starting theday before the xray. just wondered if any one has experienced this procedure before? i've had all the laproscopy done before and was dreading going through it all again! but instead he said he would do this!

i'm really not sure about this mucus you said about, our bodys do strange things, perhaps its a sign of ovulation, what day are you on?
bless you RACHEL,
i know the feeling, i had spare tablets from last year but only one months worth left and was so tempted to take them but i never i waited for an appointment at gynae...
don't know what to say really, if you've read my big essay above you know that any cramps/pain or bleeding can be dangerous! are you having a normal period? was it on time?or have you not come on? you really should go to the doctor but your going to get a telling off!! are you still mid cycle as your last tablet was 23rd feb? you can email me on [email protected]
michelle xxx



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