so scared and upset at the moment
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megan - November 9

dear all, my Dh and i have been trying to concive for just over 2 years and nothing. Every month is just disappointment after disappointment and the witch always rears her ugly AF head! today i managed to get my DH and i to see the doc and he has arranged bloodwork for me and sperm test for DH. DH is 41 im 31 and he had a test done about 16 years ago and it came out a very low count. He did tell me this before we got married but I was positive that it would be ok. anyway 2 years later and I have been charting, OPK ing and trying my best to get pg but nothing. DH is very sweet man but tends to go 'o it will be ok youll see, it will happen etc etc!! anyways he came with me today and told me afterwards that he is so scared that he will let me down if he is infertile still. We dont know yet what the problem is, it might be anything so I am trying to keep him calm by saying it will be aright etc ! when actually I am so scared that we will nerver have a baby. Do mens sperm counts change? I think they do? I feel that it is so unfair and Im so scared.
baby dust to all


DW - November 9

Aww megan my prayers go out to you and your dh someone just told me that vit e can help with boosting the sperm i think you should just pray and leave it up to god whatever his will be done dont give up im having fertility issues myself im not sure yet if its me or him but we have been ttc for a1yr now with no luck and i am a every 28 day cyc so i dont know whats wrong i know when im suppose to ovulate and everything but no luck ill keep praying for you and me good luck ttc!!!!1


megan - November 9

thanks DW, DH also sais that god will see that we are ok, but its so difficult at times. My cycle is 35 to 40 days! so its soooo long and the waiting seems to go on forever. We will know before xmas what the problem is I hope, then we can try to think about next steps etc. I know there is a lot that can be done these days, but still feel scared because the clock is ticking. Good luck to you as well. My mom and dad took 3 years to concive me and there wasnt as much help available then so Im trying to be +, thanks megan


For Megan... From Armywife - November 9

Megan, I am sorry you are feeling down and are feeling scared about everything. This is a very scarey time in a womens life. I to have been TTC for a year now. I was pregnant about 7 months ago but unfortunately i M/C and have had no luck getting pregnant since. However, I just want to let you know that there is HOPE. You have alot of options now. You can have IUI or IVF. Some insurance companies cover it. My friends husband has little sperm count and they have been trying for 3 years. However, she just went in for IVF and is not pregnant. Also, I hear good things about HSG and Pregnancy. Many people i know have had a HSG and concieved with in 2-3 months after that. It is suppose to check to see if your tubes are blocked but in the process, it helps clear out your tubes as well. I had a HSG done last month, it is not that painful and it take only about 30 seconds.
Good luck to you darlin, just know that you have your options.


magan - November 9

thanks armywife,
i am feeling a bit better now, sorry to hear about your M/C im sure you will have BF+ very soon. What is HSG im not sure? thnks for support x


Armywife - November 9

Megan, A HSG is a procedure where they take a specific dye and shoot it up to see if your tubes are blocked. It takes about 5 min. from start to finish. 30-60 max for the dye part which some women experience discomfort almost like your worst period cramp. I had very mild pain, but the doc said that was only because i had no blockage. Which was a releif to me but also a little upsetting becuase if i had blockage atleast i would know why i was not concieveing. :)

I would talk to your OBGYN about it. Mine highly recommends it.
hope this helps you out. Keep in touch.


armywife - November 9

that was suppose to say 30-60 seconds for the dye.


.. - November 9

You are right..there are a number of reasons for not conceiving. But if a low sperm count is a concern then have your husband take 1000mg of Vitamin C daily. My dr told me to have my husband take vit c so thats what we did. That helps boost sperm count. I wish you the best of Luck


Darleen - November 10

I heard you can up mens sperm count by 75% if he takes folic acid and zink, hope this helps!


megan - November 10

thanks all, have been to stock up on all mentioned vits and OPK kits etc for this month. Its strange how hope comes round again at the end of AF and I feel so much better because I know we will find out what is stoping us from conceving and then recieve help and advice to deal with it best we can. good luck to all you TTCers and thanks for info XXX


Megan - November 12

HSG= HysteroSalpinoGram-



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