Should I get a second opinion?
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Wendy - June 8

Please help me out here girls. I am 27 years old and we have been unable to fall pregnant. We have been having unprotected sex for 1 year plus. We have had it several times a day sometimes 7 days a week and have been unsuccessful, We went to see a fertility specialist, and after talking with him and explaining our situation, he felt like we didn't need fertility testing yet. He said that we hadn't been "trying" to gt pregnant that we were just having sex and hoping it would happen. Is he correct in this? Is there different ways we could do this to make pregnancy easier to come by? Any response would be great.


christina - June 8

hi wendy,
i would definately get a second opinion, it cant hurt, the first fertility dr. i went to said that and years later i am going through hell and still not pregnant, you dont wnat to wait to long and have problems more so, you may not need fertility drugs yet and such but definately some tests cant hurt and for him to say you are just having sex, that is wrong, ignore that, best wishes!


Cutie - June 8

Wendy, I agree with Christina. Do get a second opinion, it wont hurt. But trying to get pregnant and just having bd is different. Do you know when you ovulate? Because thats important and if you miss it you wont get preggo. Do you chart? I will be glad to help if I can Wendy. Good Luck


Wendy - June 8

No, that's why the doc said I haven't been trying. He said that after a full year of trying with no results the I shuld come back to see him. He said chart ovulation and basal body temp. and all that, but my cycle is erratic and I have a hard time keeping track of it. If you can help I would really appreciate it.


MelissaS - June 8

Hi Wendy, Check out They explain all about charting. It's a very informational site. However, I do agree with Christina and Cutie. I would get a second opinion. But, this time go in there with a little ammunition. I would try to chart for at least 2 cycles. This way you (and your dr) will know if you're o'ing or not and where to go from there. With a couple charted cycles and the 1 year of trying already there should be no doctor that in their right mind would not take you serious. How inconsiderate some doctors are!


christina - June 8

another site that has helped me is it calculates dates for your period and when your ovualting it helps me know when to start to testing and really helped me alot. and i play around with the dates and play it safe with in the ranges of where to try it is helpful, the thermometers and stuff never helped me. also on ebay, i ordered the clear blue monitor so thats for next month trying, wishing you all luck! baby dust to all


christina - June 8

they also say to try every other day and as for the ovulating your dr. can do blood around approximate ovulation and a sonograhm that is what they also did with me and showed follicles in the waiting, ask about that stuff too.


Cutie - June 8

Wendy, I wanted to tell you that I am also young (21) and too had very irregular cycles. I was given BC but that gave me too much side effects and also kept me from getting pregnant, while I wanted to concieve. So, I ordered ovulex and it HELPED me sooo much. Before, I never knew when I was ovulating and didnt know when was my af going to show up, or if it would show up at all. This is my 2nd month of taking it and I am so happy. I also buy Clear Blue Ovulation Kit, that way I know when I ovulate and that helps a lot. I try to chart, however I dont do the temps, 'cause I know I wont be able to keep track, but I do chart CM and all the rest, like the ovulation days, bd days and just the whole cycle. It helps a lot, but of course if you are irregular, its kind of hard. Another thing I started using is Pre Seed (sperm safe lubricant) because I get dry at times. I hope I kind of helped you a little. Lots of Luck and See you around.


Justine - June 8

Wendy - I had IVF treatment at a hospital in London. At this hospital they do not think charting helps much -they said you just need to have sex once every 1 or 2 days or so in your fertile period (the week before you ovulate). You can get ovulation test kits (urine) from the pharmacist which will tell you when you are ovulating. I can't believe he said you weren't trying when you're having sex that often. It helps to stay lying down for 30 mins after sex with pillows under your hips and not to get up straight away in your fertile week. In England they recommend you try for 2 years before doing tests unless you're over 35 when its 6 months. If you're worried though you should get the basic tests done now - a sperm test for the man and a few blood tests for the women (on day 3 and day 21 of your cycle). It maybe worth doing them now if your cycles are erratic. Good luck.



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