Regular menstrual cycle - do I have one or not?
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Megan - December 16

My cycle ranges from 21-26 days. Is this considered regular? I went on another site and it said that if it isn't 28-30 days then it isn't regular. I mean mine doesn't go for more 26 days and no less than 21.
What do you think?


Megan - December 16



Mega - December 16

Sounds a little on the short side. If you're worried, it might be a good idea to talk it over with your OB, maybe at your next yearly or what not.


Dee - December 16

dr's have what they consider to be normal, which is the 28-30 day cycle...but i believe that if every month your period is about the same length that it's what is normal for you. just remember that we are all different and not everybody's cycle will be the same. my cycle goes anywhere from 27-30 days so i think it's just how your body works. you might just ovulate early which would cause your period to show up earlier, but either way definitely ask your dr about it just to be safe. good luck.


Jane - December 17

honestly they sound a little short. start temping and checking other fertility signs you may not be ovulating. i read 26-35 days is considered normal. you may not be ovulating or have a really short lp. this problem can be fixed. you should start charting to see what is going on. discuss it with your doctor and see what they say.



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