Questions about temps???
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me - November 16

To Deb - sorry to hear about he miscarry :( You are a strong woman and I know good things will be coming your way! Best of luck to you! Keep me posted!


Sara - November 16

YEAAAHHH ME!!!!!Congrats on your BFP!!!I am so glad one of us got it.I am still waiting.AF is suppose to be here Monday.My temps are still up so I still have some hope.I'm gonna check out yor chart and compare it to mine.Deb-good luck and keep us posted!!


me - November 16

Thanks guys! You rock! Keep in mind that my chart is half assed :) I am hopeful for you!


Jamie - November 17

Hey ladies! Just thought I would check in and let you know it wasn't my month. Af showed up yesterday. Of course I also found out yesterday that my progesterone level this month was a 3! Last month it was 30 and now 3.... I am scheduled for a hsg this Tuesday. I am hoping that this will be the answer. Who knows. Me - congrats girl!! I am so happy for you! Like Sara said at least one of us got it - you give us hope! :)


Sara - November 17

I'm sorry big bad AF hunted you down!!I am in hiding with garlic around my neck! lol How do you know if your progesterone is low?Do you not ovulate or what are the signs?My temps are still up to 98.2. I'm ok if I don't get a BFP this month,I always have next month.Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.You too me!


Dianna - February 21




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