Questions about temps???
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sara - November 8

I O'd (had + OPK) on Nov 6th.My normal temp is about 96.9-97.1. On the 6th it was 97.5,the 7th it was 97.5 and today it was 97.9.Are these temps good for ttcing?If my temps stay up does that mean I'm pg?


Lisa - November 9

Your temps have to stay up for I believe 18 days after o and that is a sure sign. But they can stay up for 13 days then drop the day of or day before you are going to get your AF. So it is not a sign yet. If you get three consecutive temps above your norm or coverline that means you have o'd already. Baby Dust!


annette - November 9

EVeryones temp ranges are different. But the norm is that pre ov temps range from 97-97.5 and post ov temps range from 97.5-99. The important thing while temping is the temp shift after ovulation. It says u need at least .3 degrees increase in temps after u ovulate, and should stay evelated at least 3 days to confirm ovulation. in your case it seems u have ovulated. it it stays up for 18 days after o, then u could test for pregnancy, as Lisa mentioned. I have read that temps that are very low or very high than the normal range needs medical attention. they could be an indication of thyroid problems. ur temps seem fine. If u like u can even check out sample charts in or these are great sites. good luck to you.


Sara - November 10

Thanks girls for the info.I am happy it sounds that I ovulated by my temps too.Today it was is at 98.1 so I'll be so happy as long as they stay up. 15 MORE DAYS AND COUNTING!!lol


me - November 10

Here isa question for you gals...I think I have ovulated this month because my temps have stayed up around 98.0. My basals are normally 97.2. My question is, I took my temp this morning and it was 98.6. Does that sound promising for pregnancy? Possibly triphasic? I am due for my period this Tuesday Nov. 15th. Any thoughts? I don't want to get excited, especially since it has been 11 months TTC and I have had cysts the past 2. Any advice or thoughts are appreciated. Thanks-


Jamie - November 10

Me - it does sound promising!! I don't want to burst your bubble but you should be aware that you can go triphasic and not be pregnant - I know because it happened to me. If your temps stay high (above coverline) for 18 days you are very likely to be pregnant. I hope in your sake that you are!! Good luck and much baby dust to you!!


me - November 10

Thanks Jamie! I know anything is possible. I am trying to keep a level head and not gets my hopes up. It could have just been a fluke temp, so I will wait for tomorrow morning. Sorry the triphasic thing didn't pan out for you. I will keep you posted. Good luck to you!


Jamie - November 10

It can be very frustrating, especially when the signs are there. What cycle day are you exactly? I am currently CD 22 and I just had progesterone bloodwork done to see if I ovulated. Hopefully all will pan out this month. Yes, keep me posted. Do you chart your temps on fertility friend? I highly recommend it - they let you know when you have a possible triphasic pattern.


me - November 10

Unfortunately, my RE does not believe in temping. I showed him my charts, which confirmed no ovulation to me, but he said the only sure way to tell if I am ovulating is if I get pregnant (and bloodwork). I use FF to see if others have charts like mine. I am currently on day 23 and have normal 28 day cycles. We did not do bloodwork this month due to my natural cyst. I had a huge pain in my side when I was due for O and also had my HSG done this month. I hope things go well for us both! Keep me posted!


Sara - November 11

Me-your temps sound really good!! My temps have been going up slowly. Today it is at 98.1. This is the 1st time I have kept track of my temps.I am due for AF on the 21st.(I have 30 day cycles).But I just m/c'd last month so I don't know if I will be on time this month.Atleast I O'd on time! You only have 5 more days to go!! I wish you and Jamie luck and tons of baby dust your way.Keep us posted on how you guys are doing .Hopefully we'll all get BFP's this month.


me - November 11

Could just be my imagination, but the temp today was 97.8. I hope it is just a dip and then it goes up tomorrow. if not, I am doubting pregnancy this month. sigh...


me - November 12

As of this morning, my temp went back to basal of 97.2. Hopefully this is the main dip and it will go back up again. If not, then it is not my month. I have a feeling it isn't even though I timed everything perfectly and had an HSG this cycle. We shall wee tomorrow morning.


me - November 13

Well, my temp went back up to 98.1. I fell asleep for 4 more hours and took it again, and it went up to 98.9. I know I should only tak ethe first one, but what do you guys think about he second one? Should i discard it? After seeing the increase, i took a test and it was negative.


Sara - November 16

Me- did you have Af or get a BFP???


me - November 16

I GOT A BFP!!! I tests at around 11 dpo and got a positive. It was confirmed by bloodtest today, so I didn't want to freak out until I confirmed it. Here was my half assed chart if anyone is interested.
You can kind of assume when I ovulated een without my before temps. No real strong symptoms though, just bloated and very mild cramping on and off. When I cramp I get a small twinge of nausea, but nothing serious yet. How about you guys? Any news? I didn't think anyone still read this post, since I was the only one keeping it alive for the past 3 times :)


Deb - November 16

ME, Congrats on your BFT! This is my first time charting my temps this month, and also have been trying for 11 months-miscarried back in I ovulated just on the 13th and my test are in the 98's, so Im hoping they stay that way for a while! Good luck to you!


me - November 16

To Deb - sorry to hear about he miscarry :( You are a strong woman and I know good things will be coming your way! Best of luck to you! Keep me posted!



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