Q's to ask doc about Metformin..
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Helayna - September 19

Hey, everyone! I have a dr. appt. tomorrow, and I hope he wil put me on metformin. Like alot of people who take met, I have PCOS, and believe Im insulin resistant. Also, we have been ttc for 3 years. Is there anything I can say, or questions I should ask my doc? I really appreciate any help you can give! Thanks!!! Helayna


bump - September 19



Helayna - September 19

Can anyone help me? I really could use some opinions here. Also I want to go in prepared!! Thanks!


* - September 19



Kerri - September 19

I just started taking Metformin. Before I began taking it, the doctor did a bloodwork up--I did fasting insulin levels, 2 hour gluclose test, Liver enzymes(very important these levels are normal for you and monitored), testosterone levels, and a pregnancy panel and metabolic panel---lots of bloodwork. My results were within normal limits, except my insulin and testosterone were elevated--which is consistent with PCOS. I just increased my doseage from 500 to 1000 today--you have to taper up. My full dosage is 2000 mg a day, which I'll reach in 2 more weeks. Currently I am 8 dpo...and had P4 levels drawn today so we'll see. Hope this helps and good luck



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