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Alley - February 9

Has anyone taken prometrium? My doctor has recommended it for me because I have been spotting about a week before my period is due. Any input would be great.


~m~ - February 19

I just found out I'm pregnant, after having miscarraiges before. My doc called me in some Prometrium to start today. He said it is to help "HOLD" the pregnancy. Let's hope it helps both of us! Good luck!


Michelle - February 22

My doctor put me on Prometrium at 5 weeks because I had very low progesterone (11) (15 is the norm). I've read many articles about how progesterone supplements can prevent a miscarriage and help sustain a pregnancy. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and the baby is doing great.
Good luck!


Jen - February 22

I have been on prometrium, but the reason they had me start it was to force me to have a period. I went 5 months without a period, which we now know was due to cysts on my ovaries. I also have a friend who is going through menopause and her doctor is having her take Prometrium. I think there may be lots of reasons to use this medication.


Lynn - February 24

10 days ago, I finished a ten-day treatment with this drug. Still havn't had a period, but no side effects. Hang in there.


Kelly - February 24

My doctor also just perscribed Prometrium after having 2 miscarraiges. It's nice to finally feel like I can do something about it. I guess sometimes the body is so used to it's monthly cycle it will work against pregnancy and this treatment prevents that. Good luck!


CAL - April 5

Hopefully my response is not too late. I also had spotting a week or so before my period. Dr prescribed prometrium 200mg twice a day, vaginally. It stopped my spotting completely. I got pregnant the second month on it, but miscarried around 9 wks. I am left wondering if I should have been taking more or less prometrium to sustain the pregnancy. God willing, I will get pregnant again. I am still taking the prometrium, but this time I will demand frequent prog tests to make sure my levels are adequate. Good luck to all and God bless.


Angie - April 19

My doctor put me on prometrium 2 months ago because I hadn't had a period for months and when I started I didn't stop (6 weeks). Now everything seems to be getting better. Hope it helps me ovulate!!!


brooke - July 8

My doctor has just prescribed prometrium for unusual bleeding inbetween periods. I had a miscarriage about a year ago and am trying again. Anyone taking it to regulate abnormal menstrual cycles?


Dee :-) - July 8

I currently just took my last dose of prometrium last night. Yesterday I thought I had my period. For 2 days I have been spotting ever so little, especially when I wipe. Does anyone know if this means I will get my period or what? I am taking prometrium for my irregular cycles - so far I am on day 57 w/o a period - I am miserable. I am to start clomid after I get my period. Any info would be gladly appreciated. Thanks


dpygrl3 - July 14

I've been perscribed the meds a couple day's ago.
Has anyone had an effect about 20 to 1/2 hr after taking it of a high like feelng?
I take 200mg 2x a day

I have to lie down for about an hr & then nap & end up kinda out of it for about a ttotal of 2 hrs

In other words driving a car would be out of the question for sure! I feel drunk & sluggish


tbtemplet - July 14

yes, I am on it now. I am taking it for the same thing!!! I start spotting a week before my period. I am on my 11th day of taking it today. I have one day left. I started spotting this morning. I will have to see if it keeps on through the weekend. If so, I will have to go back to the doctor next week.


MelissaV - July 14

I take 200mg once a day on CD16-28 for low progesterone & to lengthen my luteal phase. This is the 3rd month I've taken it and it definitely makes my cycle very regular. dpygrl3-I usually take mine right before bed, but last week I thought I'd try something new & take it earlier in the day. Never again....30 minutes later I felt exactly how you described...kinda dizzy & light headed and my body felt weighted down---like I had no energy. I had to lie down on the couch for about an hour. After that I was fine. I did read on the side effects sheet & it does say that those are common side effects (ugh), and it did say to wait and see how it affected you before you "operate heavy machinery or drive a car" :)


dpygrl3 - August 23

My dr is finaly taking me off it as of tomorrow
(I'm now 10 weeks prego) I was having a really hard time in the begining but, then I kinda got used to it. I would take my 1st dose at bedtime & then my 2nd dose at around 4:30-5am (when I would usally have to get up to go to the bathroom) then I would just go back to sleep till 7am to start my day (sluggish but, do able)
that program worked for me & I was able to function like normal again
so if anyone needs to take 2 doses a day I would absolutly recomend doing it that way.
as far as the warning label ..yes, it did say to not operate machinery..who would have thought dr only warned me about nasuea which I did not get!


newcommer - May 1

not yet. I am set to start taking it within the next week. I will let you know how it goes. I have heard that there are so side effects that can be a bit uncomfortable. How are you taking it vaginally or orally.


pearlymay83 - February 6

Oh lord! Talk about side effects! I started 2 days ago and, let me tell you, DO NOT take it durring the day when you have to function as a normal human being. I took at lunch the first day and got dizzy and drowsy, wanted to sleep, skin was itchy... I wanted to jump out of my skin. The second day I thought maybe I was overreacting on the first day so I took agin with lunch and, HOLY SMOKES, I felt like I was hammered, not drunk, but hammered! I was spinning, sluggish, sleepy, naseaus, and emotional. I just wanted to crawl in bed and sleep. I quickly left work, got home and rested. It took as good 2-3 hours for my body to mellow out and kick some of the side effects. I take 200mg 1x per day because I have such irregular periods- i spot allot before I get my real period and then have a period for another 7-10 days. 13-15 days of bleeding is crazy. I wanted to try and get prego but Doc thinks body cant support pregnancy with all the irregular bleeding. I go on clomid once I get my period, crossing my fingers I dont need to take this for a long time- I am not sure how I would hold up taking this stuff for the long haul. ARGGG!


LauraRN - August 8

I was on 200mg x 12 days to start my period then clomid day3-7 of my period. I have yet to get my period! It has been 4-5 days since i took the last pill. I know last time i took this and i had my period right after sttopping the last pill. Not sure what is going on now? I am cramping, bloated, hungry,moody and miserable to say the least as far as my mood. I am trying to push through this so that i can get a period and start clomid. I really want a baby. Anyone who has some answers please let me know!



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