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Allie - December 20

Hi Ladies. My dh and I have been ttc for 1 year. I just went to my OB/GYN yesterday to speak with her. She wanted me to first take a PROLACTIN TEST on my 3rd Cycle Day, followed by my HSG 7-10 days into my cycle. Has anyone had this test done and why is it done? I looked online, but am still confused. Thanks.


Kelly - December 20

Prolactin is controlled by your pituitary gland. If it is too high or too low it can affect your ovulation and cycles. It is one of the first things tested if having problems getting pregnant. I think the normal range is under 10, not sure about that though. Mine was 53!!!


Mary - December 20

I also had this done before my dr. prescribed me clomid to rule this out. Sounds like a preliminary thing. I also had a hsg done yesterday. I took 800 mg ibuprofen 1 1/2 beforehand and it was fine, it feels like a pap smear/exam. Good luck!


Allie - December 20

Thanks girls! My friend told me it was very painful. I'm not worried about the "cramping" pain, but the needle!!!! Just the thought of a needle "down there" makes me cringe!!!!


Mary - December 20

I said the same thing about the needle (I can't even look while I'm getting blood drawn), but my dr. said that we actually don't have a lot of feeling for needles down there, surprisingly. And he was right. He said, you'll feel a little prick. And then I was numb. Think of it like an exam and it really should take no more than 5 or 10 minutes tops. I forgot to ask my dr. when we should bd next. I didn't feel like it last night, but I think we'll start every other day now that I'm on cd10.


Allie - December 20

Mary - thanks. You put it a lot "nicer" than my I'm usually not afraid of needles, but I am "there". I used to have to get about 6 needles at once when I was younger due to allergies, so I CAN take the pain. I am on cd 9. Yes, I think you should be bding now. I have to go for my hsg NEXT cycle (along with the prolactin test). I HOPE we get it right this time - its been a year already!! Good luck to you. I just pray I won't have to go for that test....I'm hoping they tell me I am pg before I have to take!!


Mary - December 20

I'm that way about going to the RE in February -I'm praying I get pg before going! I really have no clue as to what they do there. I've already tried Clomid so I'm a bit scared as to what the next steps will be! I've been ttc for 7 months now, I really can't believe that much time has passed!!!



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