problems concieving
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starlight214 - March 29

My dh and i have been trying to have a baby, We already have children so i know that he is ok. I had to take meds to start my period and my first day of my cycle was feb 15th. well i havent started again, i took one round of clommid, and used the ovulation sticks and was positive on day 15 of my cycle. anyway i havent started again but have taken about 6 tests adn all neg. I am having periotical spotting (brown) and menstral type cramping but nothing. It is now march 29th and dont know what to do from here. I am also getting like periotical pains that come and go in my breast. sometimes sharp. Any help will be great. Please HELP!!!!


Ann - March 29

If I were you, I would call my dr and go in for a beta asap. Sometimes when you have an ectopic pg, the hcg levels don't get very high and the hpt may not pick it up. If you are having shart pains, you should get checked out immediately. You could also have had an early miscarriage that did not clear itself out of your body. Good luck and let us know what happens.



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