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ka'shalenka-l - May 18

between 7 an 91/2 monts


mandy - June 9

how long shouldyou wait to take a pregnacy test?


yasmin - July 13

around 33 weeks i think


desiree golsby - July 16

how you know when you our pregrant


Carmen - July 17

My period has been postponeded for 2 weeks. And I already have 2 pregancy tests this week & the result is still negative... is there any chance I have a baby? When should I have another pregancy test if my period still not coming??


shazia - July 29

how can i conceive a baby


Sue Z. - July 29

At what stage? From the time of conception, 38 weeks to deliver. I hope that answers your question.


latina - August 13

when can you get pregrant


shanna - September 7

ok i got pregrant in oct last year i had a miss caring and ever since i been trying to get pregrant i went to my doctor and they said i can have kids but i don"t know if it's my boyfriend that has the proublem i don"t know if it's the sperm or what do u have any question that can help us or any doctor or something to help out plases let me know thank you shanna


bridgette - September 13

8 weeks


carrie - September 15

what can you take to get pregrant


ASHLEY - September 20

How do you know when you are pregrant


kelli - September 22

how do you know if you are pregrant


*~*Sweet Kissez*~* - October 4

I was wondering if you can get pregrant like 8 days before your period?



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