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jess - September 22

how long does it take for a baby to develope in you?


lone_dove - September 26

9 months, every week and every day the baby is developing


$weetne$$ - October 2

around 40 weeks


lakendra - November 10



think about it evryone... - November 12

are you trying to ask how long before you can test for pregnancy BEFORE you miss a period??? And not the obvious '9 months question'? If so, in all reality about a week before your period is due. Hope that helps...


Debbe - December 2

I am trying to get pregrant for the last two months have been following the suggested things. What's happening is my period is extending instead of the regualar 30 -35 days I am not going into 38 days. Why would this be happening


This is in responce to DUMB - December 3

The only one that is DUMB & stupid is you for being so insensitive to people with questions. She was obvioulsy confused when she typed the question. Maybe you shouldn't respond if you don't have anything useful to say.


jemia - December 26

if i had sex and he injected sperm in me and my cycle comes on fives days later dose that mean i'm pregrant?


alicia - April 5

i how do u know when u are pregrant?


Katy - April 5

actually it's 280 days to develop inside of you if that's what you mean


vicky - April 6

hi hun confusion all round its, being desperate for a little miracle that does it. your full term pregnancy should last 280 days , but i had my son at 33 weeks and he was small but perfectly developed, and is now a normal 3 year old. good luck to all ttc.x


kim - April 6

About 10 Mo


Kim - April 6

Jus keep Trying



howdo you know if you are pregnant


mikey080_mike - May 4

If we had sex and her period was to come on that day and it didn't come what does that mean could she be pregnant? and if so how before we can tellif she is or if she ain't?


sheena - May 16

39 weeks


ka'shalenka-l - May 18

between 7 an 91/2 monts



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