Pregnant after PCOS
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Viv - July 13

I have just been diagnosed with PCOS and i'm devasted! I need to know if anyone has fallen pregnant with PCOS and how long it took them to concieve. Thanks


Staci - July 13

Viv--there are lots of gals here with PCOS. Hopefully some of them will respond to your post. I have it as well. My hubby and I would be actively trying if I would ever get my period. I haven't had one since April. I can say that it usually takes those of us with PCOS longer than someone with normal cycles to get preg... but it is definitely possible. It just takes patience and really knowing your body well. I suggest you get the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It really teaches you how to identify the times and signs when you are fertitle. Please feel free to email me
[email protected] Best of luck to you!


Kate - July 14

Hi Viv. I was diagnosed with PCOS three months ago. I have been taking 1700 mgs of Metformin for three months and am going back to the Gyno next month to start Clomid. Are you taking any medication. Hang in there, it may take a while, there are many of us also who are trying very hard.


Christine - July 16

hi Viv, I was also diagnosed with Pcos also .. and the wierd thing is I get my period every month on time. My husband and i have been ttc for 5 years now and I have a 10 year old daughter, so I know what you are going through honey.. I am to the piont I am desparate, I will try anything right now..


Jennifer - July 16

I have been diagnosed with PCOS and am now pregnant after only 2 months of TTC while on Metformin. This is my second pregnancy the first one ended in m/c. Women with PCOS have a higher risk of first trimester m/c. So this time around I am so far staying on my Metformin and hope everything turns out ok. Although I am very scared because there is not enough reasearch to rule out birth defects while using Metformin.


Sue - July 17

I was diagnosed with PCOS in Feb after ttc for 18 months. We then made an appointment with my gyno so we could start some kind of treatment. Would you believe we found out we were pregnant 3 days before our appointment! Unfortunatly our pregnancy ended in m/c at 13weeks but after a follow up u/s they could see new eggs forming inside my ovaries which they couldn't see before the pregnancy. We have now been ttc again for 1 month with no luck but we are staying positive. In a weird way, and you are probably like me and sick of hearing people saying to stop thinking about it and it will happen, I think after we found out why we were having troubles and we knew we were going to start a fertility treatment we did stop thinking about it, and it happened. Hang in there.


ec - July 17

I was diagnosed with PCOS over two years ago, I was eventually put on metformin 1500mg daily and concieved 8 months later unfortunately that ended in miscarriage, but then six weeks later i concieved again and am now currently 28wks pregnant, i chose to stay on met for the first 13 wks and then stopped taking it, I wish you well for the future and never give up trying.


Viv - July 19

I also had regular periods with no period pain. Which is why we were so in shock as my sypmtoms were not the regular sypmtoms for PCOS. My gyno told me to try every 2nd day so the sperm doesn't get lazy and put a pillow under my hip when his on top and to lay there for an hour. She said it is alot harder for women with PCOS but it is not impossible. So we are trying the new technic with no stress and are still confident it will happen for us one day. My periods are due on the 30th, guess we will have to wait and see. I wish you all the very best, and if there is any happy stories, let the whole world know! Who knows, you might pass on some baby dust our way!


Lee - August 9

Hi there, I was diagnosed with PCOS at 18 and at 35 have just had my first baby. We ttc for 4 years, using metformin and clomiphene for some of that time, which wasn't effective in my case. In the end we opted for hormone injections to stimulate ovulation and got pregnant the second month of doing this. Instead of staying on metformin for the first trimester, my dr had me take progesterone. I had a dream pregnancy and my baby is happy and healthy - so don't feel disheartened, PCOS doesn't mean you can't get pregnant, you just need to get creative and keep looking for ways to get around it.


Laura - August 9

Hi, I too have PCOS and my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 3 years now. We had 3 miscarriages early on then were unable to concieve after that. From what I have read mc rates are higher for PCOS women. But PCOS women still have healthy babies all the time so don't get discouraged. We are now 5 weeks pregnant from IVF. First u/s is on monday. Hopefully things will go better this time.


Laura - August 9

I forgot to add that I am on 1500mg metformin and although there is no research about the effects on the growing fetus, many people take metformin through the forst trimester with no apparent effects to the baby.


Zoe - August 11

yes. I was diagnosed with PCOS in Dec 04 (Devastation too) I'm 26 years old. And now (13months after first starting to try for a baby) I'm Pregnant :o) everything well so far. I'm 11 weeks, getting few period like pains and feeling very sick but Doc says its all normal. Good Luck


kim - August 11

HI Viv,
I was first diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18. I am now 42 and my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I am on Glucophage and Clomid. My doctor put me on this regimen 3 months ago, I was inseminated after the first cycle, got pregnant immediately and then had a m/c. I've had to wait 2 cycles to try again. I go on SUnday for the insemination. So, to answer your question, yes you can get pregnant with PCOS, even on the first try and at 42. Hopefully this time It will take and I can get throught the first trimester...Good luck.


KellyN - August 11

I love this thread! I too was just diagnosed with PCOS this month. This was my first month on clomid. Unfortunately it did not take this time. Next month will try IUI. My doc sound really positive about my getting pg in the next few months, though. Here's to hoping!! -kelly


Chris - August 11

I too was diagnosed with PCOS. I opted to go to a fertility specialist rather than just my gyno. They watch you more closely. My gyno just wanted to put me on clomid w/out knowing why I wasn't ovulating. My fertility doc found out why after giving me an u/s. He put me on the pill to regulate me for a cycle then put me on clomid. I just took it this month for the 1st time. I also had a trigger injection to boost my ovaries. I have to mature follicles. The doc said I was having a "beautiful cycle". If it doesn't work this month then he wants to do IUI. But he says that I should have absolutely no problem getting pregnant. Good Luck!


Nicole - August 13

Hi I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 25. I had been on the pill for almost 4 years after I was diagnosed. I am now ttc and have been off the pill since Feb. I have had a 25-28 day cycle every since. I am not pregnant and I am getting frustrated. I get really sad. I don't want to take pills I want it to happen naturally. Why am I having regular periods and not ovulating. Please help?


Laura - August 14

Hi Nicole, lots of PCOS women have regular periods but may only ovulate occasionally. That is one of the main reasons why its hards for us PCOS women to get pregnant. The purpose of the glucophage (or metforman) that most of us are on is to induce and regulate ovulation. But sometimes thats not enough and fertility drugs like Clomid are used. I know it would be nice to concieve without meds, but it might take a long while without something to help with the ovulation since your PCOS. I was dx about 3 years ago and I had always had regular periods, just very infrequent ovulation. Also have you tried the ovulation urine sticks? PCOS tends to make them look positive all the time (there is a note about PCOS in the directions) because our FSH and LH hormone levels are not on a normal cycle (thus the ovulation problems). I have been on metformin for about a year now and other than the nausea its not so bad. We are pregnant using IVF. The natural way did not work for us, but it does work for lots of PCOS women. Hang in there. Good luck.



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