Pregnant after PCOS
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Laura - August 14

Hi Nicole, lots of PCOS women have regular periods but may only ovulate occasionally. That is one of the main reasons why its hards for us PCOS women to get pregnant. The purpose of the glucophage (or metforman) that most of us are on is to induce and regulate ovulation. But sometimes thats not enough and fertility drugs like Clomid are used. I know it would be nice to concieve without meds, but it might take a long while without something to help with the ovulation since your PCOS. I was dx about 3 years ago and I had always had regular periods, just very infrequent ovulation. Also have you tried the ovulation urine sticks? PCOS tends to make them look positive all the time (there is a note about PCOS in the directions) because our FSH and LH hormone levels are not on a normal cycle (thus the ovulation problems). I have been on metformin for about a year now and other than the nausea its not so bad. We are pregnant using IVF. The natural way did not work for us, but it does work for lots of PCOS women. Hang in there. Good luck.


rhianna - August 19

i have heard that alot of peopl have gotten pregnant on metformin i ahve just started taking metformin and the first day i took it my period started im on 1000mg a day so i believe it will work good luck to you and if you want to chat [email protected] please let me now if you get pregnant


Jen - August 20

1. start charting your cycle at
2. Find out if you are ovulating.
3. If you aren't O'ing you can take meds to help that.
4. Try the insulin resistance diet
5. Make sure to have scans of your overaies to be sure you don't have any cycsts and that they are forming.
I find out that I wasn't ovulating and now I am on meds to help me do that. Had an IUI this month and hopefully it works! Don't worry! It can happen! We are here for you!


Nikki - August 23

I have PCOS. It was only after going to a infertility dr. after 1 m/c and 3 yrs of trying with and without clomid. after many tests that the treatment began. I got pregnant after 3 months of treatment but that was with IVF and have a healthy 2 yr old. We have now been trying again for a year and researching different options before IVF again. Good luck!


Karin - August 24

Hi Viv, I was diagnosed with pcos almost a year ago. I had a rough time getting pregnant, and when I did, I miscarried (twice, quite early on). After about a year of testing, my doctor put me on Metformin (500mg, 3 times a day). About a month after starting Metformin, I fell pregnant. Naturally! I was naturally still worried about miscarriage, so I just kept waiting and waiting and it still hasn't happened, and I'm 14 weeks. This is the farthest along I've ever been I'm convinced the Metformin's helping me keep the baby. Research has shown that Metformin can not only help you control your insulin and make you ovulate again, but that in doing so it corrects your other hormone levels, especially progesterone. Some studies have shown that women with pcos have low progesterone (a sort of trickle-down effect of the insulin throwing all your hormones out of whack). I firmly believe that the Metformin helped my insulin and progesterone levels, and that's why I've been able to carry the baby this far. I'm still scared, but for the first time in two years I'm very hopeful. Good luck to you, I wish you the best.


Amy - September 9

I took 1500 mg (500 mg three times daily) and was prenant in 3 months


amy - September 9

I took Metformin three times a day during my pregnancy and it all worked out for me.


Sara - September 13

Viv, there are better "natural" solutions to PCOS than "medical" ones. This is more than my opinion. I have PCOS and have tried all the traditional treatments. NO LUCK. I tried seeing a Chinese Doctor and taking some natural suppliments and I am ovulating and have a normal period. Neither of which any medical doctor could acheive. The suppliments are Vitex Angus Castus or Chasteberrym Licorice root and Damaiana (the vitex lowers libido and this brings it up ;) It will happen for you, I know it!!!!!!


Nicole - September 19

I posted a question on the site 8/13 and I am now 8 weeks pregnant. I thought I was having syptoms of my PCOS and that was the reason I did not have a cycle. I was so happy I did not know what to do. I just want all you women living with PCOS to keep the faith. God is much larger than all of this and your time will also come. I did not take any medication although they now have me on Glucophage 500 until I make 12 wks. Please don't get discouraged just keep trying and praying.


KD - September 19

Nicole---that's awesome! It really gives me hope. Just Dx with PCOS in July and am on 1000 mg of Metfomin! Praying that this will be our month!


Same here...... - September 19

I have pcos and was ttc for almost 5 years before deciding to try infertility meds. I was on Clomid 100mg cd 3-7, and Metformin 1700 mg/day and three mos later I was pg. I'm now almost 10wks and expecting my baby in April. It can happen, don't give up hope!! :)


Jill - September 21

Viv, I found out 3 years ago that I have PCOS. Almost 1 year ago, dh and I decided it was time. Nothing happened. We even tried Clomid after 6 months of ttc. Nothing. I did BBT, opks, nothing. Well, I finally accepted that this was my life, and I had to be happy where I was. A baby would make me happier, but I would be ok if it never happened. Well, lo and behold, that's when it happened. It's taken me 11 months, but I sit here tonight holding my positive test. Good luck, and I hope this helps.


Kerri - September 21

Congrats Jill!!! It's so encouraging to hear stories like your--just found out I have PCOS we've been trying since I got off the pill in Nov'04....we faith that it will happen at the perfect time.


missreardon - August 6

Hi everyone,

I too have PCOS. I was diagnosed when i was a teen ager and have had it for 16 years. I am now 30 years old. About 5 years ago I went to my Doctor because I was missing periods and continuously had to have medication to jump start my periods every 3 to 7 months. I went months with out one. When I was at this appointment my doctor told me I had PCOS. Even though I had been diagnosed with it as a teenager I was never told till this appointment. She put me on glucapage (aka metmorfin).3 years ago I was put on the patch. 2 years ago while on the med and the patch I found out I was pregnant. My doctor said that the med worked for me and Here I am with a 15 month old perfect little girl. I now see an endocronologist for it. I found out it is hereditary in my family and a cousin also has it but has not had any luck.


marylynn20 - August 8

I have PCOS and i am on, metformin and clomid for infertility. i been on clomid for a year and if this dont work there going to send me for hormone replacement shoots...heres my address if u like to talk [email protected]


tynadu - August 13

Hello Viv- Yes I am pregnant now in my 15th wk. I have PCOS and took fermara to help me get pregnant......I was reading something on this post about Metformin- it is an anti-diabetic drug and help with insulin levels. Some Drs think that insulin levels is some how connected to PCOS. Even if your insulin levels are in the normal rang it could still be too high for you to get the right size eggs. Femara works kind of the same way which is why it worked for me. Some people end up taking both Met. and Fermara. Until they know for sure that you are ovulating and your tubes are clear doing an IUI may not do any good.
I wish you the best. may GOD Bless!



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