Pregnancy & Depression ( zoloft)
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Ayana - December 24

Hi had taken Zoloft for 3 yrs for depression, I came off of Zoloft about 9 months ago trying to concieve our first. Does anyone know if it is harmful to stay on Zoloft while trying to concieve or if i do get pregnant. Without it I feel like I stress too much. I just dont know if i should go back on it or since i have been off of it for so long if i should just stay off of it. I dont want to depend on medications anymore. Somedays i feel fine other days i really want to go back on it. I just dont know if this will interfere with me becomming pregnant, or if my body will need it through out my whole pregnancy if do become pregnant. I feel like my depression is returning because of not getting pregnant ( even though we have only been trying for 3 months). Does anyone have any information (( also i did read that PAXIL is now known to cause birth defects,, is ZOLOFT similar to PAXIL?


ambrosine - December 24

hello there, i was very interested in your posting, as i suffer from depression for various reasons, and in my last pregnancy i terminated from something called ante natal depression. This is depression within pregnancy. I didnt know much about it at the time, and my doctor at the time was no help. Now like you im trying again for a baby, ttc#1 and yes it is very depressing. However, as far as medication i dont take anything for it..only alternative things like 1. LIGHT BOX - which is very good for the low feelings you a black cloud and low feeling in your stomach..2. homeopathy 3. acupuncture.
However ayana...i do believe that certain ant depressents are very compatible within pregnancy and have no effect on either trying to get pregnant or indeed if you are pregnant to the baby.
What you need to do is go back to your doctor and ask him/her, as they will know the right one to take.
Secondly, PLEASE do not try to get yourself down as you ttc....Pregnancy can take normal healthy couples up to a year to get pregnant, and dependent on your age, if you are young, there would be no problems. If you are wanting to try and push the process along a little, try asking for some general tests that can help to see that everything is okay with you and your partner.

Tell me if you can , what form of depression you have? is it from circumstances, or is it bi polar ect.....

lots of love
ambrosine uk


m - December 24

I would talk to you doctor, I know that Paxil just got classified as a class D drug(not reccomended to take during pregnancy due to birth defects) but I think Zoloft and a few of the other are still fine to take . I would talk to your OB and let them make the best call.


Claus - December 25

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


Ayana - December 29

Hi Ambrosine, its hard to describe the way i feel. i wake up feeling like i want to cry for no reason. I feel like anything that goes wrong is my fault. I hate going to work. People even ask me why I always look so sad, or why I am so quite. It all started back when i was 21 with a bad break up. I start Zoloft when i was 22 and took it for 4 yrs until i was 26 . I stopped it because i wanted to be off of all meds while trying to conceive. I do have to admit while I was on Zoloft for the 4 yrs have been the best time of my life. I went out all the time, I loved everything about me, and my life. Ever since i went off of it I feel horrible agian. But i dont want my life to depend on medications anymore. I just want to live a normal life. But sometimes i think about how I felt while I was on it and I want that feeling back agian so bad. Just waking up with a smile and loving life., But I did have a lot of sexual side effects from Zoloft so i thought it would be best to stop. I also dont know if Zoloft will prevent me from becomming pregnant , and if it will harm the baby in anyway. Basically Iam willing to live miserably for awhile to give my child the best future to make sure it doesnt effect the baby when i get pregnant. Trying to concieve is definetly adding to the stress and depression. i have been trying for only 4 months but now i dont want to wait any longer. I feel like the longer I wait the more depressed Iam going to get . What should I do?



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