Pregnancy After Laparoschopy
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tryingforbaby - July 14

Has anyone been pregnant after laparoschopy? I am scheduled for one later this month.


Lisa - July 14

I had a laparoscopy in august 2002, went through IVF in november 2002 and got pregnant on the first try. My son turns two next month. Good luck!


C. - July 14

My best friend had a laparoscopy and got pregnant on 3 months later! good luck!


kc - July 14

I tried 1 1/2 years ttc my first before my laparoschopy. We conceived 6 months later. I had endo. My problem was not blocked tubes it was the ovaries were covered with the endo material. Now we have been ttc for 14 months with a mc in april. Doc is waiting until October to start testing. I hope its the same problem and the laparo. will help. I just hate waiting until then.


Neena - August 4

Hi! so u all had laparoscopy? how painful is it? my doc has advised one for me but i m scared to do it and so m postponing it.


AM - August 4

Hi kc, that is really reasurring. I had a laproscopy in April after being daignosed with endo on my right ovary. Apparently she has removed what she can. We have tried for last 2 month to concieve. I again hate the waiting game. Do you think you coneieved within 6 months due to lap and endo removal?
Neena: don't worry. Laproscopy is ok. I would say I'd rather have it find out what it could be and deal with it. When I found out I had to have a lap, I just wanted to get it done sooner rather then later so we could start trying immediately.


kc - August 4

AM. Yes, I feel this was our problem. I had two very early mc when we first started trying then nothing. I charted everything used every ovulation device known to man. And still nothing. 6 months after the surgery the best joy of my life was started. Now we are working on baby #2 15 months with mc in April. Boy I hate the tww.
Neena: don't worry the pain is minimal. Waking up from the anastesia was the worst part. There was no scaring since they went through my belly button. But I will warn you it does take a few months for the belly button to go back to normal but it does. I just thought I would mention that since I was worried I would have an ugly button for ever. lol Also I had pain in my shoulder for several days from the excess gas escaping. They blow you stomach up with gas during the surgery. Baby dust to both. Good Luck


AM - August 5

kc- good luck to you too. I am on day 13 and I ovulate around day 20. So we are going to start trying now every other day. I get so anxious when this time of month comes and thereafter until AF. Are you the same?


kc - August 5

I'm exactly the same way. It is horrible. I am very regular oving on day 15 or 16. This cycle my fert. monit. told me I hit my lh surge on day 9. I didn't beleive it so I bought some opt sticks, which they confirmed. So I guess I did. Needless to say chances are slim for me this month since I oved 6 days early and missed the few days before. My problem now is: is af supposed to (or not supposed to) show on day cd 24 or on cd 30 like normally? aghhhh. Now I'm on cycle day 22 and would love to take an early hpt test but know it would be a waist of money. I'm not showing any signs but then it is still early. I'm going to wait until 16 days past ov and take test with an early dect. test. So i'll probably test on Tuesday if the hag doesn't show. It's the not knowing that drives me crazy. I would like to know right away even if it is bad news so I can prepare myself for next cycle. How long have you been ttc? This time it's been 15 months with a mc in April. It was very devistating. On a Friday I had an ultrasound due to low hcg levels and light spotting it showed a healthy baby at 6 1/2 weeks moving around with it's little heart pumping strong. The next afternoon without any signs I mc. I guess it wasn't a total shock since my levels were very low and I had been spotting for 6 days, but seeing the baby gave me a boost of faith. They think the mc was caused due to an attachment problem since the placenta sends out the hcg and the baby was the right size. Please don't give up hope. I had a bad case on endo. and have been pg 4 times. It will happen for you. Actually pregnancy is a cure for endo. Most women especially with mild cases never have another reoccurance after they have a baby. It will happen. Just have fun practicing. lol


AM - August 5

Hiya. Its funny the way the cycles work. Did you try around day 9 then when your OPK detected LH or were you waiting. It is day 12 for me today and from BBT and charting I ovulate around day 20. I have just done a OPK today and its showing a 60% red line compared to the control. I had planned to start trying tomorrow everyother day. I don't know whether we should start today?? You say you had a mc, but have been pg 4 x, so your not trying for your first??


kc - August 6

We bded on the 9th and 10th but I missed the 7th and 8th. So I do have a chance. My doc told me as long as your dh is okay it wouldn't hurt to bd everyday. Since your line is darkening I would start today and bd everyday or everyother day making sure you hit the day before ov the day of and the day after. It took two years for me to conceive my daughter, now 4 very precious, sweet and smart as whip. I had two mc before her. We've been ttc for 15 months with a mc in April. Since I got pg in 11 months my doc wanted me to give it another year. I told him I wasn't going to wait another year. If he wouldn't help me I would go somewhere else. I'm almost 34 I can't wait another year!. So he agreed to see me in Oct. Hopefully he will do another lap and that will help things. I really don't want to do the fertility meds unless I have too. Lots of baby dust to you. Good Luck.


Neena - August 6

Hi KC and AM - Thanks. this month v r trying for our third iui. v will try one more month as it would b 3rd month after my HSG. Thereafter i will go for Laparoscopy.


AM - August 6

Hi kc. At least you know you can concieve. With me we are trying for our first and you know that feeling.... can we conciee. Thsi is our 3rd month of trying. My OPK y'day was dark dark so we got busy y'day. Today my temperature is low and my OPK is lighter then y'day. I don't know if I'm due to Ovulate!!! Normal cycle I ovulate around day 20, today is day 13?? Y'day my temperature was 36.5C, today its 36.3C. We are going to get bust again today, but then continue everyother day till day 20, so we are covering the whole spectrum. Its to much thinking and that I know does not help.What day are you on now?


kc - August 6

AM- Yes- I know how frustrated you and your dh must be. It's the not knowing and wondering that is the worst. I know you will have a baby soon. The dip in you temperature is an indication you will ovulate in the next 24 hours so stay busy. When you hit your lh surge your temp is supposed to dip before it gets higher. When your temp goes up that means you already ovulated and maybe too late to conceive since the egg is only good for a few hours. I hope this helps. I'll be praying for ya. Good luck and baby dust. This will be the cycle for you. No more charting, no more counting days, no more peeing on sticks. Just the one that reads the bfp. lol.


AM - August 8

Hi kc. thanks for all your kind words. Good Luck to you too. Where are you in your cycle?


AM - August 11

Hi kc, i have been thinking about you, have you tested i know this month you ovulated earlier so have you tested or are you still waiting. Im in a similar situation, i suppose to ovulate


kc - August 11

AM - Well I got a visit from the nasty old aunt yesterday, so I'm on cycle day 2. I wasn't too upeset as I expected this would happen. One good thing is a good friend of ours came back from Irac last week and his family is throwing a welcome home party so I'll be able to celebrate his comming home with a glass of wine or two. I am not a drinker but do have a few drinks on special occasions. I'm going to relax this month since I am going to schedule an appointment with my doc in sept. I need a break from charting and opt testing and day counting. Where are you in your cycle. I'm guessing in the middle of the never ending 2ww. Lots of baby dust to you. I know this will be your month. Your baby will come in an Easter Basket.



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