Pregnancy After Laparoschopy
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kc - August 11

AM - Well I got a visit from the nasty old aunt yesterday, so I'm on cycle day 2. I wasn't too upeset as I expected this would happen. One good thing is a good friend of ours came back from Irac last week and his family is throwing a welcome home party so I'll be able to celebrate his comming home with a glass of wine or two. I am not a drinker but do have a few drinks on special occasions. I'm going to relax this month since I am going to schedule an appointment with my doc in sept. I need a break from charting and opt testing and day counting. Where are you in your cycle. I'm guessing in the middle of the never ending 2ww. Lots of baby dust to you. I know this will be your month. Your baby will come in an Easter Basket.


AM - August 12

Hi kc. I'm sorry the ugly aunty came to see you again this month. She is a dragon I know we all have one, and I can't wait till she stops coming. I am on day 20, and I ususally ovulate today ish. However this month I think I ovulated day 15 in morning. Was not expecting it we did do the baby dance day 13 and day 14, but not on day 15 as it was a cousins birthday and we were busy all day. Just one of those things. I know what you mean about charting and OPK sticks I promised myself I would not do any of the above thsi month but I couldn't help it. Anyway even if you know you can't plan early ovulations. I will be in same boat as you not sure when my AF will start this month, 4 days earlier or on my usual AF day???? Just have to wait and see eithe day 30 or Day 34. Thanks for all your positive words. Do keep in touch and enjoy your friends arrival home. I know what you mean by having the treat of glass of wine. I have read that you should treat yourself to such, as we are going through an emotional rollercoaster and cant keep punishing ourselves from living a happy life in the meantime. Have a nice weekend and try not to think about this. I suggest going Yoga and Pilates classes it has really really helped me this month, mentally. Speak to you soon.


MISTY - August 16



AM - August 17

That is so reassuring,thank you. You must be over the moon.


kc - August 17

Hi AM. My af arrived 4 days early, if that is any help to you. I also practice yoga and have been for 10 + years. It really helps me to destress. With three jobs a 4 year old and ttc my life does become stressfull at times. I really hope you get the bfp this month. Baby dust. Congrats to Misty. I'm so happy for you. Lots of luck so the baby stays there for the next 8 months.


pamela kendal - August 18



AM - August 18

Hi kc. I am on day 26 now. My cycles ae normally 34 days. However because I ovulated early this month (will I think I did) I'm not sure myself when my AF is to start (if it does). We are going on hols on 21st Aug to Spain, so I hope my AF does not start. Fingers crossed.


sarah - August 23

I have had four laporoscopy's three toke away bits of endo. I was under general anisthetic and just felt drained after but it doesn't hurt just has about a week recovery time



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