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Lynn - February 26

If you are ordering preseed....where are you ordering it from? I have met many people on these threads who have used it and gotten pregnant but just want some different places to find it. Thanks for your help


tina - February 26 (put a www infront of it) and you get 2 free hpts also with it.


JessicaG. - February 26

Or you can also go to the Pre Seed web site, just type in the google search bar, this will give you a list in of places to go ang buy, if you are in the U.S.


Lisa - February 26

I got it from


kathy - February 26

I also purchased it from and it came with 2 free pregnancy tests. I haven't used it yet but will next cycle if I need to. It seemed to be a good price. Good luck.


Lynn - February 27

thanks....going to look up each of these sites.


Mega - February 27

I ordered it from



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