PLEASE HELP, does a faint but dafinate line mean positive
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donna - February 4

im not due on for 5 more days but yesterday i took a first response preg test and just one line for negative. Today i did one and there were 2 lines but the 2nd one was very faint but youcould see it clearly, im assuming that it still means im pregnant, can someone please help


Ericka - February 4

If there is a second line, no matter how faint it's a positive. Congratulations.


jg - February 5

Yes sounds like positive - my first two were done on the day my period was due, and they both showed very feint lines, but definate lines. I had it confirmed at the Drs the next day, and did another two a couple of days later (as we couldn't believe it!!) and the lines came up very darkly. GOOD LUCK!!


sg - February 8

I have also taken a pregnancy test and one line was dark and the other was very light so is there a chance also my AF fallen a week late.


Mega - February 9

Hi Donna. A faint positive is still a positive. Good luck. False positives are pretty rare. I hope you have a healthy, happy 9 months. Keep us posted!



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