please help!!! period pains no blood day 27 on clomid
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michelle - March 20

i'm on 1st round of clomid, not missed period yet, am on day 27 normal periods 23/24/25 days but with clomid suppose to make you 28 days! anyway the last 3 days been having bad period bads, yesterday was quite cripperling but only for 30 secs, i've had absolutely no blood not even a show... day25 i done a test and it was slightly only very faintly positive, day 26 test was negative, now day 27 have not done another test, still period like pains and no show of blood!!!! please help!!!!!!! anyone experienced this before???not sure whether i am pregnant or not! only a few days to wait but am very anxious and want to know what these pains are....
have had a previous eptopic last year which showed 3 negative p tests! bit worried of another one.
had a scan day 14 and it showed two follicles that were going to release 2 eggs supposedly but forgot to ask what size they were..
please help
michelle x


Luna - March 20

Michelle you have just discribed me. My period is late and I had an eptopic 2 yrs ago and lost tube. I have slight cramps nothing to much I did a pg test this morning I thought it was NEG my BF just looked at it 6hrs later and it def shows POSITIVE. It says on box that a neg reading will dissapear but a POS reading will stay so you can show doc. I could not beleave it and I still don't so I'm going to doc tomorrow for test as I still have slight cramps. Also my boobs have just begain to ache and I feel sick. Do another test for peace of mind, I want to do another but my BF says you can see that it's postive and I'll have to wait untill I've been to see the doc. Alos so many women on these boards say that they miscarry at about 6-8 wks on clomid so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my toes. GOODLUCK!!!! Loads of baby dust *****************************


Renee - March 20

This sounds like me too. I'm on day 29 of clomid. No period yet, but cramping period-like pains. My tests have also shown negative. I'm not sure if I could be pregnant, or if this is just clomid effects.


michelle - March 21

thanks for answers girls..
isn't it awful, the feeling of a period but no blood,i'm forever running to the toilet to see..
had bad cramps last night, and was the first time i took tablets to ease the pain.
luna mine was the same, neg, then checked a bit later and was definetly pos and the 2nd one was neg then i checked a few hours later and that was def positive!!!!!
both are still showing positive so is very strange...
i'm on day 28 today so i should be due tomoz on ideal clomid cycle.. can't see cycle going past this as i'm normally 23/24/25 days......
luna when are you seeing the doc??
and renee what is your normal cycle, i know you've told me before but have forgotten...i wonder how many others get these symtoms and follow with bleeding (period) or are actually pregnancy symtoms...
with first 2 pregnancies(without clomid before depo shot) resulted in miscarrage neither of them i had symtoms. last years eptopic(with clomid) i had a period on time and 2 days later bled with pain.... 3 neg preg tests and did not know i was pregnant til i was operating bed.
i hope a few more ladies re assure us with the same symtoms!!!
keep me updated..
i might go to doc tomoz but will be 1st day if i miss period!

also this morning i got 4 inch long stringy mucus, creamey/yellowy colour(not clear) !!!any ideas? i thought this was a sign of ovulation!!!!????


luna - March 21

Michelle I had a test done at the chemist today as my doc doesn't do them. It cost £5.50 but well worth it. It came back possitive. I just stood their and cried after 2yrs it's such a releave to get a possitive. Now I keep thinking wot if I have a miscarage, I'm still getting slight pains, my doc told me I have to have a scan at 7wks because I've had an eptopic and lost the tube. Will keep you informed Goodluck and go to doc or chemist for test for peace of mind.


Renee - March 21

Michelle- My regular cycle is about 28 days, but I usually start spotting anywhere from days 21-25. Luna- Was this your first cycle of Clomid?


luna - March 21

RENNE yes this was my first time on clomid also I was surposed to take 1500mg of metformin but I only managed 1000mg. Was told I had pcos in feb this yr. Also I only have one tube so don't give up if it can happen to me then I sure it will happen to you. I'd been trying for 2yrs before I was told I had pcos.


luna - March 21

RENEE I also took my clomid day 2 till 6 don't know if this makes any differance. Doc said this would give me a better chance taking so early in cycle.


Joanne S. - March 21

Do you have to take Metformin and Clomid together? My doc put me on 1000mg Metformin on Feb. 2nd. My last period was on Jan 25th. Today is the 21st of March, and I still have no period. I am pretty regular, usually a 25 to 28 day cycle. I have not had any pregnancy symptons, but I did take a hpt a week and a half ago, and it was a big fat negative...I have my 8 week appt on the 30th of this month..wish me luck..


michelle - March 22

congratulations!!!!! so pleased for you!
good news here too!!! mine showed positive straight away this morning, i can't believe it ,i have to keep looking at it all the time..
i said to my mum, i'm pregnant!!!she said i knowyou are and your gonna have a girl apparently she's had my morning sickness for the last week but didn't want to say anything...
my nan hates tomato sauce but when someone in the family is pregnant she can't get enough of it!!!
i'm still having really bad pains was up most of the night... i think its a mixture of period like pains and irritable bowel pains..
doc said i will have scan at 6 weeks because of previous eptopic..... xxxxxxxx


michelle - March 22

renee- areyou spotting or have you come on properly? x


Renee - March 22

I've definitely started! I'll start my second month of Clomid tomorrow.


luna - March 22

Michelle CONGRATULATIONS our babies will be due about the same time I'm due about 25 nov. I hope your scan goes well I'm having mine at wk 7 as I've had an ectopic. I've had the worst day sickness you could imagion my partner joked that you forget the bad things about pg. I don't seem to be able to keep anything down. Once again CONGRATULATIONS.


michelle - March 23

thanks luna... i'm due 29th nov..will keep you updated with scan..
my email address is [email protected] if uwant to keep in touch....
sorry to hear your sickness.. i just keep getting up at night with bad pains, think it is my irritable bowel playing up!!! will speak to doc soon if it continues as can't seem to sleep..x


JO - May 18

I"m kinda in same boat re: confusing cramping but late for period. I am like clockwork with my periods-always 28 day cycle. I am on clomid because i am 39 and we have been ttc for about 7yrs with no luck. My last and 2nd cycle of clomid was unusual,and only the 50mg dose. Bleeding and sharp abdominal pains on day 20 of cycle. But nothing at all like my usual week preceeding my period (lots of back cramping) Old and new blood for 48 hours then old blood for 36 hours. Some occasional sharp cramping but still no period and it's now day 37 in cycle. 2 blood tests and 3 home tests still show negative. My GP is doing ultrasound (booked for day 46 in cycle. Of course I am hoping beyond all hope that I am finally pregnant but I think I'm desparately clinging to a thread. Has anyone else had these symptoms?


lisa - July 20

hi everyone this is my first time on this web site. well my story is that i took clomid with my first son and it worked good but this second time i started taking clomid and i dont think that it is making me ovulate this is my second month and although i took clomid i have not started my period i have been experincing cramps and soreness in my brest but no period i also took a pregnancy test yesyerday and it came out negative. my regular doctor has send me to a fertility specialist. i go next friday for my first visit.



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