pill regulates cycle?
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Saird - September 25

Hi girls, has anyone heard of taking BC pill for 2/3 months to regulate hormones and cycle? Has anyone done this and gotten pregnant easier afterwards? I've heard of several people doing this and wondered if it works...


mrshorse - September 26

My dh is in the Air Force and last year while he was deployed my dr put me on the pill. I really don't have any problems with my cycles, but have been ttc for 6 years. It didn't work for us though. When he came home I had been off the pill for about a month and a half and we started taking follistem. But we're still trying. Good luck to you.


Saird - September 26

Thanks for answering. Anyone else tried this?


MelissaV - September 27

After my LAP I had to take bc pills for 6 months continuously (no af). I have endo and it was to suppress that. Can't say I got pregnant right after....but, it was a little different situation...


caydensmommy - September 27

My Dr. told me last friday that she was going to do the same thing. I don't know if I'm with her on that though. After all the time and money we have spent trying and a year and half of wanting another child I just can't make myself take them. Then I have to accept the fact that it will be atleast another 4 months.


Saird - September 27

yeah I hear what you are saying- it feels like a step backwards.


kristie h - September 29

Hi girls, i am on the pill for 3 months for hormone imbalance. I have 6 weeks to go and i feel it is dragging. You have to think positive, i have had 2 losses and since my last loss af has been so weird. Going on the pill is not taking a step backwards, it is a step forward if your problem is your hormones. I have been ttc since feb this year and if i knew i had a hormone imbalance eralier i would have started the pill ages ago and may have been pregnant by now grrr.


kristie h - September 29

By the way take vitamins like B6 or wild yams while on the pill, that way when you go off the pill the vitamines will be in your system and your hormones will stay normal.


Saird - October 4

Wow Kristie thanks. By the way, do you happen to know what sort of hormonal imbalance you had? Did your doc tell you to take B6 and wild yams at the same time as the pill? And it is a combination pill you are taking right? Thanks.


Tammy276 - October 4

In my experience, taking the pill only regulates you while you are on the pill. I was on it for about a year and had regular cycles and as soon as I went off, my body did its own thing and from the first month, i was irregular. so I don't think going on bc would help regulate you after you are off of them. When I talked to my doctor she said there was really nothing I could do to regulate it while trying to get pregnant. I noticed that taking prenatal vitamins on a daily basis helped shorten my cycles a little bit. Otherwise another option would be to go clomid or something like that to help you ovulate on a regular basis.


kristie h - October 5

Saird am lacking in estrogen which causes very thin uterine lining. I am on my 2nd pill packet and last month my lining was 6mm thick and this month on cd 13 out of 21days its 8mm thick so its working!! YAY. B4 the pill my lining was 2mm thick on cd 11. My cycle only became irregular after my pregnancy loss in feb this year so it is defentley a hormone thing for me and i know my body will sort it self out. Before the loss i was like clock work even after i had my child and my 1st loss which was in july last year. The vitamin B6 i read about on a post on here, a lady had been ttc fior 3 years with no success and 1 1/2 months later after taking the B6 she was pregnant. So i decided to look up vitamin B6 on the net and its great for the menstrual cycle and even morning sickness, check it out on the net there is alot of info on it. Wild yam and tong quaie have natural hormones in it from the root of the plant if you decide to go that way start the natural medcine while on the pill that way it is in your system when you get off the pill check them out on the net also. Tammy, i have also herd that if you a irregular B4 going on the pill you have a higher chance of being irregular when you have stoped the pill, but if there is somthing in someones life, like ovairan cyst or a loss for example that has caused the hormone imbalance or irregular bleeding then it can most likley be corrected by the pill. Saird get back to me and let me know how you are going. Are you actually on the pill or are you thinking of going on it?


kristie h - October 5

Saird, sorry i didnt answer all you ??? I am on the lowest dose pill you can get and yes it is the combind one its called microgynon 20ED. What pill do you think you will take or are taking? By the way another lady on the pregnancy loss forum is on the pill for her hormone imbalance so it is not uncommon.


Saird - October 5

Hi Kristie, I was thinking of going on it- I am not on it yet. I keep having long and irregular cycles and started taking Vitex to balance hormones. AF is always really light when I get it. I thought I'd try a combination pill for a few months to see if it worked. Thanks for your help.



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