Period after Lupron shots
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Joy16 - November 8

Hi, I was on Lupron shots for 6 months and the effects completely went away about a month ago. I still have not gotten my period, however, last week I had very strong pains like the ones you get right before or during your period during the middle of the night but then went away shortly thereafter. Then I had minor cramps here and there for about two days, but I still have yet to see my period. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but I still do not have my period or any spotting whatsoever. Has anyone experienced this or does anyone know what this could be?


nikki2204 - November 8

Hi Joy, I was on Lupron shots for 4 out of the 6 months (I quit due to the horrible side effects I was having). It took me about 3 months after the last shot to have my first period. There is another thread called Lupron and endometriosis probably on page 3 or 4 of this...check it out if you can because I was on it and there were lots of women with problems like yours. JSmith who was on that thread and is not in the ohio thread is currently having the same issues, she would be a good person to talk to as well. Some people have had to take BC pills to get their cycle started again. How was your experience with the Lupron, did you have many problems with it?


JSmith - November 8

Joy16 - I just happen to run across this thread and saw that Nikki responded and wanted to add my two cents. My last (3-month) shot of Lupron was the end of January, so I should have started a period by May or June latest (from what my dr. first told me). I still had not started when I went in for my annual in July so she put me on Provera for ten days - still did not start. Finally I started birth control pills in August and got a period in Sept. and Oct. I stopped taking them after that period but have not started this month yet. I would be at 31 days tomorrow and I know I am not going to start - can just tell. I took a preg. test today - not pregnant. I am in the process of calling another dr. this week cause i am just not happy with my current dr.'s office giving me the run around. They say it can take months to a year to get your cycles back to normal but i was on Lupron about 6 years back and my periods came back right away. When was your last shot? I would be interested in hearing what your dr. says


JSmith - November 10

Joy, what did the dr. say? Any sign of your period yet? I hope it comes for you soon!



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