ovulation and sex
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julie - March 13

this week are my most fertile week.i was wondering during that week how many times should we have intercourse.they say that it's every other day(what does that mean?) and they also say to do it often.
can anyone help???


kimberly - March 13

I would do it everyday during your fertile period, wouldn't want to miss it. They say every other day because everday can lower sperm count. Go to Ovulation Calender on your search engine and it will pull up a site that has a free calender to download. If you enter your info it will tell you the days to have sex.


julie - March 13

i already have an ovulation calendar.i just don't want to do it too much to decrease my chances of getting pregnant because we have been trying for a longtime


britneyhayden - March 14

Hey julie i was wondering the same as you this is my most fertile week also it started the 12th and me and my husband have had sex everyday since yesterday twice and i was afraid that maybe it was being to much but then again i think a lil is better then none lol so who knows my doctor says you can never try to hard but then again ive heard ppl say you needed to wait atleast a day and let sperm build up but i really dont know either i wish you the best of luck!!



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