OPKs ***part 2***
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Justine - November 10

Ladies, I started a new thread as the other one was so long. Let's hope this is another lucky thread and that soon we all get to join Mindi's bfp club. Good luck and baby dust to all of us ttc. Welcome also to any other ladies wanted to join us and chat.


Justine - November 10

Mindi - my RE appointment was fine but only involved going through my temping charts and deciding which tests I'm going to be having. it turns out there's a whole bunch of tests i'll need started with a progesterone level test on friday. i'm really hoping i get pg this cycle as i'm very overwhelmed by everything the RE said. sorry you're still feeling abit blah and i hope it passes soon. how's everyone else?


Dawn (DS) - November 10

I'm so glad you started a new Justine as it was taking my computer a while to load the thread.


Justine - November 10

Good morning all. Hope you all find the new thread today. Dawn - i know, i was always tapping my fingers waiting for it to load. How are you doing, are you in af mode, ovulation or horrid 2ww? 8 dpo today for me and no real symptoms to report... hope that's a good sign.


M - November 10

Have any of you heard of good hpt's that give early readings? I hate this 2ww and I'm only a few days into it!!! Justine, I hear ya about just wanting to get pg cuz the "next steps" are a bit intimidating. This will be your month!


Justine - November 10

Thanks m. I hope we have a few bfps this month. I'd recommend First Response hpt as it can detect very low levels of the pg hormone and i think you can test up to 5 days before af is due. I'm a testaholic so usually begin testing around 10dpo so as i use opks too, i generally find myself poas for a large part of the month...lol! also you might want to look at peeonastick.com as they have a section on the pros and cons of each pg test brand including the cheaper internet ones.


Dawn (DS) - November 10

Justine-I am 5 DPO. I have been having very mild cramping for the past 2-3 days which is strange for me as I normally get cramps a couple of days before af. I also woke up this morning at about 5.40am and had to run to the loo to be sick, my dh ran into the bathing after me all excited that I was sick and asking me to do a hpt. I tried to explain that is was way to early to test and that it may a stomach bug. Don't worry about not having any symptoms Justine as they say that you shouldn't really have any until to are 4-6 weeks pregnant.


Justine - November 10

Dawn - that was so cute that dh ran in the bathroom after you and asking you to test already. i wonder what the cramps were though. are you feeling ok now?


d - November 10

Hey ladies, how is everyone. i hope well. i Just wanted to drop in and say hello. i will try to get on later. baby dust to all.


Sara - November 10

Hi everyone. I'm on cd19. I finally got a +OPK on cd16, so needless to say I've been busy with my dh. I went again to me reflexologist last night, and I felt wonderful afterwards. I go again this sat. She usually sees clients 3 times around ovulation. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everyone this month. Justine-the dreaded 2ww, how are you doing?


Justine - November 10

Sara - this 2ww feels like it's never going to end. i'm trying so hard to stay occupied and not think about it but needless to say i'm thinking! so i guess you're about 3dpo now? why does your reflexologist see you so much around ovulation? d - good to hear from you, i'm glad everyone has found the new thread. let's hope this is a lucky one and we have lots of bfps this cycle. i see my re early tomorrow to get my progesterone levels checked. that will be 9dpo so i guess still too early for a pg test.


Mindi - November 10

Good idea on starting a new thread. I was beginning to get a bit lost with the other one. I didn't have any symptoms when I found out I was pregnant, but at 6wks., I have been sick ever since. Other than that, I don't really feel pregnant. I don't think that will come until you start to see some physical changes that assures yourself you are. It's just a wierd feeling right now, and unfortunately it hasn't started off that great. I sure hope my second trimester is a lot better. Justine- sounds like there is a lot involved when you get started with a RE. You still have a chance this month, so hang in there. That 2 ww is the worse. I had no idea until dh and I started trying. M- I went to early-pregnancy-tests.com and they have an AIM stick test that is suppose to detect pregnancy as early as 6 dpo. Plus, you get quite a few when you purchase them, so you don't have to feel guilty about testing a lot and wasting money. Dawn- if you are preggo, get use to the peeing thing. I get up at least 3 times a night to go. Sara- good luck with the reflexology. It sounds like it is making you feel great, so that doesn't sound bad at all.


Sara - November 11

Justine-I don't know why the reflexologist needs to see me 3 times. Yes, I'm about 3dpo, now the dreaded 2ww for me too. I just got back from a friends baby shower that I organized. She got lots of nice things, and I thought hopefully that will be me one day. I think I'm done with the Clomid for now. I'll take a break from it. My poor ovaries are probably taking a beating from it b/c I've been on it for so long.


Dawn (DS) - November 11

Sara-I was thinking of going to see a reflexologist but I don't really like the idea of someone touching my feet, but I have heard good things about poeple ttc and going to a reflexologist. Justine-How you felling today? I'm 6dpo and still having mild cramps.


Justine - November 11

Good morning all. I've just got back from having blood taken with my re. it's checking progesterone levels and some other stuff (can't remember what!). sara - i guess you've had all this testing done too? i'm 9dpo today and had a slight temp drop this morning which happened on the same day last month so i think that's a sign that there will be no bfp for me this month. hope everyone else is doing ok and not too stressed by this horrid 2ww.


d - November 11

Hi Ladies, well since mine was so late last month it messed me up, so i have no idea what is going on. drs is monday. and I really don't want to go, but see what they say. Hope everyone is well. baby dust to all.


Sara - November 11

Hi Justine, yes I had all the testing done, bloodwork, HSG, Clomid, Metformin etc. Don't give up yet this month, anything could have affected your temp. I didn't temp this month, but I think I'll stick to the test strips instead. Did you dh have a SA yet?



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