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Friend - April 7

Me and my husband trying for two months but still I could not become pregnant. Why? We always have orgasm at the same time since our first sex. If I dont have orgasm then I feel very unplesant, can not almost sleep. I learned if I have orgasm with my husband then his sperm from his ejaculatation can not reach to my egg. My orgasm pushes out his sperm and together makes my bed wet. So, his sperm can not reach my egg.. I can not have orgasm after him as his penis looses erection and gets soft. and even I have orgasm by any way then it will push out his sperms as well. It is my habit to have orgasm whenever I have sex with my husband. I am in a realy limbo situation. I don't know how would I be able to handle without having orgasm from each sex with my husband because I don't know when my husbands sperm will reach to my egg.. My husband has to try everyday ejaculating his sperm through my vegina to reach my egg. Now it seems it will be very unplesant and uncomfortable for me. Does it happen to all women when they try getting pregnant? PLEASE HELP, I AM SURE THERE IS WAY, AND WHAT IS IT??


Chrystina - April 7

Hi Friend,
You having an orgasm is good for conceiving. In no way does it push the sperm out. U should have an orgasm as it help the fertility process. I read that all the time. So continue to have your fun and any sperm that comes out is not unusual, the strong swimmers remain inside and fertilization will occur if you are ovulating. I have been trying to conceive for 4 years now and I am still not pregnant but that's because I have PCOS and my periods last very long! I'm sure you will get pregnant very soon as you've only started trying.
Keep at it and I heard that after you bd, putting a pillow underneath your bottom so your pelvis is slightly elevated will help most of the sperm to remain inside.
Goodluck and I hope u conceive soon! Baby dust!


caribangell - April 9

Hi friend, an orgasm helps with fertility, it actually pulls the sperm into the cervix, like a dip, and suck motion. I saw on discovery health. in fact my dr recommend them. I had them all the time and I have two boys back to back with my EEX. so relax and climax!!!


junebaby2007 - April 10

having an organsm does not increase your chances of getting pregnant. All it is, is you making that movement ( like when you try to hold in urin). Do that when he has his orgasm and put a pillow under your butt. Do not get up for at least 15-20 min. and do not pee after sex (not immediately). Have sex every day, so that when you ovulate the sperm is ready (stays alive for 48 hrs). Took me 3 months to get pregnant, I am 8 months now. This will work. Good luck!!!!



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