No Ovulation but still having clear cervical Mucus
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Sam How - October 20

I've been told that im not ovulating, but every month I still have clear Cervical Mucus, Is this normal when your not ovulating, any advice would be great


JenG - October 20

Who told you that you were not ovulating? You CM will change throughout your cycle depending on hormones.


annahoban7 - October 20

I have PCOS and often had the same cm that a person who ovulates normally has even though I wasn't ovulating. Were you told by a doctor that you are not ovulating? So many things effect your cm, hormones, meds, diet.


Sam How - October 21

My doctor done a 21 progestone blood test which come back "not ovulating", I had a Blighted Ovum in Feb, been trying since may but no joy, when i had the miscarriage the u/s showed my ovaries were fine. The day before i went for the blood test i did notice that my cervical mucus was clear , I hoping that i ovulated the day after the blood tests, cos my periods are normally every 28 days, this month it was 33 days, so i'm hoping that I had delayed ovulation, Thanks for replying. Sam


isa - October 21

I'm on cd22, and I have not ovulated this month (I know b/c I do bbt). I had a cancelled ivf cycle and they figure I have a cyst(s) that occurred after I stopped the injections. I have stretchy ewcm like i normally do. I 've had it since about cd8 as I normally do. One time when I had 4 lge cysts it delayead ovulation until cd29. Other than that I always ovulate on my own between cd12-14 so to answer your question yest you can have the ewcm even if you havent ovulated yet. I hope you just a late 'O' but if you dont ovulate at all they can give you meds to make you O. good luck sam


Sam How - October 21

Hi isa, when you say that you had 4 large cysts what happened did you have them removed?, Cos when i was 15 I had a cyst on my ovary which stopped me having a period for 6 months, I was told that it would go on it's own, which it did. Im waiting for a u/s to see what is going on.


isa - October 21

hey sam, they went away on their own no meds or anything. By my next cycle i was able to start stimming again.


chandellina - October 22

i think extra cm can be a sign of an anovulatory cycle. in august i had ewcm for a week and then again for a few more days in the following week - my day 21 progesterone test showed i hadn't o'd. fortunately i o'd in september with a high progesterone reading and positive opk. my dr said it's not unusual to have the ocaisioinal non--o cycle. this month i'm on clomid anyway, just in case...good luck.


Sam How - October 22

Hi chandellina, Thats what im hoping for i have seen some articles on the net, that reckon sometimes we do have a anovulatory month which is quite normal. Or delayed ovulation, thanks to all for replying. Sam



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