NEED HOPE? Read my story! (Endo/IVF/Provera/Lupron/Clomid)
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jg - January 7

ASHLEE how are you going? Hope you are okay and everything is going smoothly for you.


itsapinupthing - January 7

OMG, I'm at work and I just couldn't stop crying when I read this. Congrats and thank you for being so strong your are an amazing person and your husband too.


ashlee - January 7

jg, i am going well so far. which is great. i had bloodtest results come back perfect the other day. im goin for me first scan on 11jan (wed) i will be aprox 7 weeks. bit nervous bout that though. hope theres a strong heartbeat!!! ive just started getting morning sickness. its not too bad though. so far so good xo


jg - January 13

Hi Ashlee - how did your scan go? Good news I hope!


jg - February 28

Everyone, it hit me again last night as I watched my little man sleeping just how lucky we are that we hung in there and kept on TTC until we achieved our goal. Give it all you've got ladies - it is worth every second of pain!


jg - March 19

Bump. LAURA, hope this helps.


Louisa - March 20

JG.. your story is pretty identical to mine. Except for the baby part..still waiting on that one. I too am from the Australia. Had the ENDO, PCOS, 2 LAPS and inbetween all that countless medication some up to 9months on that give you menapouse symptoms. Ovulation pain every single month that has me bedridden for 3 days EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I am now going through my 3rd FET in a couple of weeks. I am also going to see a cousellor this Friday as I feel like nothing I have ever done to get to this point has been successful. I am so emotional and crushed that I am finding it hard to cope so I need to speak to a proffessional. Since the end of January(my first transfer) to this day - 9 people - have fallen pregnant. 9 woman that I know, talk to, see have fallen pregnant. 4 in the last week!!! Some of them I'm happy for, some of them I can't believe are, and some of them have started to flaunt it in my face. I feel I have become angry with everyone and God. WHich I know I need to change. Which makes me wonder why I am going through it again as I probably won't fall pregnant with the attitude I've got. But I won't stop. It is like playing Lotto.. you have to keep playing till you win the jackpot! And yes, it is expensive lotto but the reward would be a million dollar prize! I hope to get to where your at jg... theres always a light at the end of the tunnel... and when ur down down... there only way is up... and I will be going back up... sooner or later


laura - March 20

great !!!!!!!!!!! have a healthy pregnancy and good luck !!!!!!!!! with all the best in the world !!!!!


jg - March 20

Oh Louisa I sort of hate to say it, because when people said it to me I wanted to slap them, but "I know how you feel". I look back now on those days, the year of IVF and wonder how I ever coped. Such terrible pain, physical and emotional. Each failed month is like a stab in the heart and that is no exaggeration. It is exhausting and yet takes so much strength to get through. The tears I cried would fill an ocean! As for those menopause symptoms....I had to go on HRT no joke! It was ridiculous! BUT...........worth it. You are doing a good thing by getting counselling. You really do need to talk to someone who, although they may not be able to fix things for you, can listen to you and reason with you and support you. I was lucky that I had a friend who had been in my situation, but had been TTC for 11 years (unbelievable!) and has two teenage boys now, and being able to talk to someone who had been in similar circumstances really helped me. Every second of pain is worth it, times infinity! I feel your pain, but trust me Louisa, you have just got to keep at it over and over and over and over again until it happens. I can't say to see each month as one month closer to reaching your goal, because it does not feel like that ever, and each month the pain really feels like it is unbearable and like you can't cope with it anymore, but like I said, when you are holding your child, your love and joy for it overwhelms any feelings of the past. I love my boy to the moon and back. My love for him is indescribeable. To me, he is the reward for our years of pain and my husband and I just adore him. Nothing he goes through bothers me, his teething, those early sleepless nights, his restlessness, his overtiredness, none of it gets to me or upsets me. He is my LIFE and I appreciate every single moment with him and that is the absolute truth. I love him in a way that I never thought possible, and although most parents probably feel it, I know for certain that our years of TTC have made us appreciate him and not take him for granted ever. You will feel this happiness too, when it happens for you. Hold on to that. The pain you are experiencing now is worth it for the end result of a precious child.


brycry - September 9

Thank you so much for posting your story. I had been tring to get pregnant for 10 yrs and pretty much gave up cause I didn't thing I could ever get pregnant. I couldn't believe on thanksgiving day when I found out I was actually pregnant after 10 yrs, My husband and I were so happy we couldn't believe it and still can't. Well 2 days after finding out I was having a little miracle I had the worse pain in the world I felt like I was going to die. My husband rushed me to the doctor and I still wish that I didn't go cause they told me my baby was stuck in my tubes and my baby and my right tube had to be takin out(Etopic Pregnancy). We couldn't believe it we cried so much it hurt so much I wanted to die with my baby, It wasn't fair. Well now I'm on Lupron doctor says I have severe Endo but my left tube is good and I will be able to get preg after the shots. I still don't believe it!!



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