missed period but ultrasound say halfway through cycle
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me - October 16

Hi all, I has a vaginal ultrasound done last monday and the dr said it looked like my cycle was only halfway through. However, according to my normal timetable, my period was due the day I got my ultrasound. Since then I had ongoing cramps, felt like af was coming, but turned out just to be cm. Still no period 7 days later. What do you guys think? Pregnant or just a messed up cycle? I took 2 pregnancy tests already and got negatives.


BUMP - October 17



Mega - October 17

Hi. I'm afraid it sounds like to me that it's just a messed up cycle. Even people with pretty regular cycles get an occassional messed up one & usually just one whacky cycle isn't anything to worry about. I could be wrong, but I think if you were pg then the dr would've been able to spot something with the u/s, plus I think the
lining would've been able to give the dr a clue. That's just my opinon though. I hope I'm wrong & you really are preggo--if that's what you want! Good luck!


me - October 18

Hey Mega! I have seen you answer a few of my other posts and we seem to have the same ideas about things. Yes I called my dr and that is hwa tthey said too. Crap! They sid to wait another week and see if AF shows up. Only then will they do another ultrasound and bloodwork to see if I am pregnant. sigh...back to waiting... thanks for the response though! :) see you on the other posts!


KK - October 18

Sounds like ovulation pains to me. And the cm would be a sign.


me - October 18

I agree, especially since my dr said I was halfway through my cycle. I never get pains like that though. I have also stopped ovulating with my pcos, so I guess it made it more painful to ovulate. Thanks for the input!


Mega - October 18

Hi me! That's frustrating, all this waiting we have to do, always at the mercy of AF to start your cycle over again. But if you're only now about to start ovulating, there's still hope for this cycle! That's funny--I guess we're on the same wavelength a lot of the time! Yes, see you on other posts! But keep us posted on how this whacky cycle turns out for you! Are you on Metformin or anything for your PCOS?


me - October 18

not yet. I am going to start clomid for the first time if and when af ever comes :) I am hoping I got it this cycle, but we only bd the day before or so because he needed to abstain from sedx for his semenalysis. talk about bad timing! Hopefully I will be put on Metformin as well since the dr saw "new" fat deposited on my hip and stuff. I am actually looking forward to the meds. WEird huh? t least I know what I can do to help now instead of feeling like I can't do anything about it.


Mega - October 18

I hear ya, I was excited about starting Clomid & Met too, mainly b/c it was proactive. My non-TTC friends thought I was whacky for that, but oh well. And also, you may not be out this cycle either, if you did BD the day (or even 2 days) before you O'ed, well, that's all it takes & usually you have better luck BD-ing before you O, so the spermies are waiting for the egg, that's the rumor anyway. Do you think your dr might give you Provera or the progesterone shot (ouch!)? That should help induce pesky AF.



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